Will Yash make his next film announcement in April? | Kannada Movie News

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Will Yash make his next film announcement in April? | Kannada Movie News


After the stupendous success of ‘KGF Chapter 2’ at the box office, Yash’s stardom and stakes have grown to unreachable heights. Since the blockbuster results of ‘KGF Chapter 2’, the media, Kannada industry, trade and Yash fans are eagerly awaiting to know the next step of Yash as to which big film will he sign on and with which production house and director will Yash give his nod.
Yash has been listening to some interesting scripts, but after ‘KGF’ and its massive success, wants to make sure he makes a good film that will live up to the audience’s expectations. Yash has been having some discussions with a few directors and production houses to make a big announcement worth the wait and might soon give an update next month in April marking the first anniversary of ‘KGF Chapter 2’.

Long-time news making rounds is that Yash would collaborate with director Narthan, who was in news recently that he would be doing a film with Telugu star Ram Charan soon. At a conclave talk show, when Yash was asked about the prospects of ‘KGF 3’, Yash said not anytime soon as he wants to do something else. For 6-7 years, he was in the world of ‘KGF’ and will do KGF 3 later after a gap of a few years when things fall in place.
On his birthday, Yash penned a note where he stated, “I am working towards clinching something that I believe in and am passionate about. You are the ones who empower me to think bigger and better. When I meet you next, I want to share that news and all the details with you. To be able to do that, I need some more time, which seems unlikely, by the 8th of Jan. So, this year, I ask you all for a specific gift – the gift of your patience and understanding.”


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