Ahsaas Channa finds inspiration in “Half CA” co-star Gyanendra Tripathi

Ahsaas Channa

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Ahsaas Channa

The show has gained recognition for its portrayal of students on the path to becoming Chartered Accountants, showcasing their journey from inception to the CA exams’ final stages. Centered around two characters striving to clear the CA exam, the series highlights the anxiety, tough choices, sacrifices, and disappointments they face. The cast includes Gyanendra Tripathi, Prit Kamani, Anmol Kajani, and Rohan Joshi in pivotal roles.

Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free streaming service, recently released the young adult drama “Half CA.”

Reflecting on her experience working with Gyanendra Tripathi, Ahsaas remarked, “He consistently gives his all in every scene, and if he feels it’s not meeting the mark, he keeps refining it until he’s completely satisfied. He’s exceptionally hardworking in that regard. He’s the first co-actor who wished me good luck before a shot. We exchanged high-fives and hugs before the first scene, which truly motivated me to deliver my best performance. It was our first scene together, and I genuinely enjoyed collaborating with him.”

She also shared her thoughts on working with Prit Kamani, saying, “Prit is a great friend! We’ve worked together before, and he has always been very caring and affectionate towards me, which I truly appreciate. His improvisations are consistently on point, and it’s always a pleasure to work with him.”

“Half CA” is available for streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV, accessible for free through the Amazon shopping app and Fire TV.

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