Crazy: T-Series announces movie based on a quirky meme

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Crazy: T-Series announces movie based on a quirky meme

In an unexpected turn of events, T-Series, a renowned production house in India known for delivering blockbuster movies, has made a surprising announcement. The source of this unusual inspiration is a meme posted by The Indian Memes, a popular meme page.

The meme revolves around a scenario where a terminally ill woman expresses her desire to sleep with her ex-boyfriend one last time, leaving her husband in shock. This quirky meme first gained attention on Reddit in August before spreading to various meme pages.

T-Series has decided to take this meme seriously and turn it into a movie. Even The Indian Memes page was taken aback by this unexpected development. T-Series officially confirmed, “We are making this movie!”

Furthermore, the production company disclosed that the project will be a collaborative effort with Super Fat Studios. Rahul Mody will be responsible for scripting the film, with details regarding the director and cast set to be unveiled soon. Stay tuned for more updates on this intriguing project.

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