What are the best movies about boxing?

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What are the best movies about boxing?

Does any sport translate to the big screen better than boxing? Tales of desperation and woe that see characters use the ring to save their lives have often performed well at the cinema. 

Here, DAZN looks at some of the best boxing movies. 

Rocky, 1976 

The definitive boxing movie that went onto to become a hugely successful franchise and also launch the career of Sylvester Stallone. A long-term desire for the struggling actor, Stallone refused to give up on his dream of making this movie and the end result was a superb picture that inspired a whole generation to pursue the sport. 

The story of a Philadelphia journeyman and part time debt collector, Rocky Balboa receives the chance of a lifetime when he’s selected to face Apollo Creed, the heavyweight champion. An incredible underdog story transpires when Rocky, against all odds, produces an incredible performance to push his rival all the way. 

Raging Bull, 1980 

A biography of Jake Lamotta, one of boxing’s toughest ever champions, saw Robert De Niro win an Oscar for best actor following another successful collaboration with Martin Scorsese. As well as focusing on Lamotta’s in-ring career, Raging Bull also looked at the personal life of the troubled fighter that included family problems as well as run ins with the mafia. 

Creed, 2015 

A successful spin off from the Rocky franchise, Creed tells the story of Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo, who is eager to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming world champion. Guided by Rocky who serves as the fighter’s trainer, Creed must overcome numerous obstacles as he looks to escape from his father’s overwhelming shadow. 

The Hurricane, 1999 

Denzel Washington’s superb portrayal of Rubin Carter brought huge plaudits as the middleweight’s unjust incarecration was brought to the big screen. Once a formidable contdner, Carter’s career was dramatically halted as he was sentenced to life in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Although a main feature of many hard fights, his battle with the American justice system is what his movie covers. 

The Fighter, 2010 

Inside the boxing ring, Mickey Ward was famed for his incredible trilogy with Arturo Gatti, but it says a lot about his career when none of those fights feature in his movie. Focusing on his relationship with his half-brother and former fighter, Dick Ecklund, The Fighter shows how Ward overcame incredible odds to become one of boxing’s most popular characters.  

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