Video Of ‘The Dreadlock Dog’ Goes Viral: “Horror Movie”

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Video Of ‘The Dreadlock Dog’ Goes Viral: “Horror Movie”

Hungarian Puli’s naturally occurring cords are woolly, dense and weatherproof.

Social media is full of surprising content. The videos that are shared on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook and other platforms often reveal interesting information. A recent video of a unique breed of dog going viral on X is a proof of that. It has been identified as a Hungarian Puli, which has a long and corded coat that appears like dreadlocks. The short clip shows the dog in various settings – coming down a hillock in slow motion, jumping over a fence and happily running around.

The swinging hair caught the attention of social media users who started comparing it with several day-to-day things.

“Mate that mop is coming at us with some pace,” said one user. “Dog Marley,” said another.

“It looks beautiful also terrifying if see something like this at night,” a third user commented. “What horror movie is this,” one of the comments read.

The video has amassed nearly 17 million views but it’s not new. It was originally shared in 2021.

According to American Kennel Club, it is a medium breed of herding dog. It is covered from head to tail with profuse, naturally occurring cords.

The coat’s naturally occurring cords are woolly, dense and weatherproof, the website further said.

Under the dreads there’s a compact but powerful dog, standing 16 to 17 inches at the shoulder. Pulik (plural form) are remarkably agile and light on their feet, earning a reputation as the “acrobat of the dog world”.

Some users on social media said that the dog’s coat can be black, white, gray, or cream, and it protects it from harsh weather and predators.

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