Top Movies to Watch If you Enjoyed Modern Warfare 2’s Campaign

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Top Movies to Watch If you Enjoyed Modern Warfare 2’s Campaign


If you miss the action and plotline that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s campaign mode brought, there are still a bunch of Hollywood movies you can fall on and reminisce about. These movies will take you back to your favorite campaign missions, as certain scenes will probably resonate with the gameplay. If you enjoyed playing Modern Warfare 2’s campaign mode, let’s look at the top movies to watch.

Movie buffs and action fanatics will be familiar with the titles mentioned, but if you are new or need someplace to start, you can refer to the list of movies below. 

Saving Private Ryan

Every war-movie fan would be familiar with the title and is a must-watch for its gritty storytelling through the eyes of the United States Army Rangers Captain and his squad as they try to locate their missing comrade. While the theme focuses more on World War II, it will keep your adrenaline up as you resonate with the characters on screen.

13 Hours

A 6 member security team tries to defend the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya from militant attacks. The movie is quite a thriller and will keep you on your toes, similar to the campaign missions in MW2.

Sicario (1 and 2)

This movie will bring you back to the Borderline mission, as the shootout scenes are eerily familiar. If you are a fan of the cartel campaign missions, then this movie is for you, as the central theme of Sicario revolves around the brutal Mexican drug cartel and their ultimate demise in the hands of the FBI.

6 Days

For fans of hostage situations, 6 Days offers an adrenaline-pumping thriller. The movie follows the Iranian Embassy siege in London and tells the story through the eyes of three characters in the scene. The story will remind you of all the hostage situations you had faced in most Call of Duty games. 

Zero Dark Thirty

No list is complete without this movie, as it was the true inspiration for MW2’s campaign missions. The movie and the game follow the hunt for a terrorist and the ultimate takedown by the protagonists. You will feel right at home while watching this movie, as there are various similarities between this and the campaign missions. 

The campaign missions in Modern Warfare 2 have a story to tell that is unique in their own right, but these movies will provide solace if you miss the action that Call of Duty brings.



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