The Best Korean Horror Movies on Streaming

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The Best Korean Horror Movies on Streaming

The American horror landscape has been controversial in recent years, disappointing viewers with subpar movies that lack originality and fright. Many modern horror movies have a reliance on jump scares and CGI imagery, resulting in a film that lacks a well-developed storyline.



For horror lovers, there are many options for great entertainment if they don’t restrict themselves to American-made films. Some of the best Korean horror movies will shake up a movie night, adding more terror, shocking twists, and well-crafted narratives. These movies include icons of Korean horror such as The Host as well as fresh inclusions like The Call and The Closet.

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10 Seoul Station (2016)

Stream on Tubi

There are many great anime horror shows for fans of both genres, but Seoul Station is a good option for someone who hasn’t watched many Korean horror movies but enjoys animation. This film is an anime horror about a zombie outbreak. The story follows a man who struggles to survive while searching for his daughter.

Seoul Station is an examination of the human condition and how real-life suffering can be emphasized in an outlandish situation. The plot is thought-provoking while also being scary, giving the audience an interesting story that is complicated by particularly gory and graphic animation.

9 The Closet (2020)

Stream on Shudder

The Closet (2020)

The Closet is a psychological horror movie focusing on a man who tries to start over after the loss of his wife. However, when he and his daughter move into a new home, strange noises emerge from a closet. The plot escalates when his daughter vanishes.

The Closet is one of the newest additions to Korean horror movies that have made an impact worldwide. Viewers find the film thrilling and intense, creating a storyline that relies on a terrifying mystery. This movie made its mark on the genre by frightening the audience while also giving them an emotionally stimulating narrative.

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8 Rampant (2018)

Stream on Peacock

Lee Chung surrounding by zombies in Rampant

Rampant is a period horror set in medieval Korea, following Prince Lee Chung of Joseon who enjoys womanizing and gambling while also being a talented swordsman. In the plot, Lee Chung has to band together with others to fight against a swarm of undead creatures.

Rampant isn’t the most terrifying Korean horror movie, but it’s a worthy addition to the historical horror genre. The pacing is fast and the storyline is action-packed, focusing on the major threat rather than diving too much into the emotional stakes.

7 Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

Stream on Shudder

A shot of Charlotte from Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum, as she hosts an online show

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum pulls the haunted places trope into the modern era. The film focuses on a group of horror webcasters who travel to an abandoned asylum. They soon learn they’ve bitten off more than they can chew, facing terrifying spirits in the creepy location.

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum is one of the few horror movies that is able to include modern angles, such as web series, while still succeeding in portraying fright iconic to the genre. Though the found footage angle isn’t as impactful as other classics like The Blair Witch Project, this film pays homage to the trope by terrifying through a spooky story.

6 The Mimic (2017)

Stream on The Roku Channel

A frightened girl in The Mimic.

In The Mimic, a couple and their daughter move to Mt. Jong to be with a sick grandmother. The family starts to experience strange things in the area, learning there are evil spirits haunting their area that seek to trick them. These spirits mimic the voices of those they’ve loved.

The Mimic succeeds in being entirely creepy. This horror film is ideal for viewers who want a fresh story and villain but still desire the atmosphere of some of the eeriest situations. The well-crafted narrative is emotional, engaging, and unsettling.

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5 Parasite (2019)

Stream on Max

The Kims open a box of pizza - Parasite (2019)

Parasite is a thought-provoking horror film that explores the class system. In the plot, the impoverished Kim family cons their way into the household of the wealthy Parks, plotting to take over their lives and wealth. It uses the backdrop of the Korean economic crisis to build terror throughout the storyline.

Many viewers consider Parasite one of the best Korean thrillers of all time. The film succeeds in being exceptionally eerie and unsettling while touching upon themes of classism, poverty, and wealth disparity. It is creepy while still addressing some interesting, realistic topics.

4 The Wailing (2016)

Stream on Prime/Peacock

The devil in the-wailing

The Wailing‘s plot focuses on a mysterious sickness that afflicts a town following the appearance of a strange man. The horror movie doubles as a police investigation as an officer begins to look into the strange sickness, uncovering a shocking and supernatural influence.

The Wailing is one of the most terrifying folk horror movies. The plot subverts the zombie and ghost genres, fitting into each category while also being an obvious outlier. The fear is built up not by creepy events and terrifying imagery but by the terror of the unknown.

3 The Host (2006)

Stream on Max

The Host movie Gwoemul monster

The Host is an iconic monster movie that stands out in the over-saturated genre. In the plot, a powerful and deadly creature emerges from chemical waste and begins attacking people. When it snatches a young girl, her family plots to defeat the creature and save their daughter.

One of the most appealing aspects of The Host is how it checks the boxes of different genres, creating a multi-layered story that is still easy to follow. Within the scary monster movie are some shocking laughs and heartwarming family moments.

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2 Train to Busan (2016)

Stream on Prime/Peacock

Panicked train riders gather in Train to Busan.

Train to Busan is a unique zombie outbreak storyline. A dangerous virus infects people on a train, causing the survivors to fight for their lives. A man struggles to protect his daughter from the violent creatures that are intent on biting others to spread their illness.

Train of Busan is one of the best modern Korean horror movies. The film is a fresh take on the tired zombie narrative, twisting the standard tropes of the monsters by making them more action-packed and with an intent other than just consuming the living.

1 The Call (2020)

Stream on Netflix

Seo-Yong on the phone in The Call (2020)

In The Call, Seo-yeon picks up the phone at her mother’s house and begins talking to a woman the same age as her. However, in a shocking twist, this other woman lives twenty years in the past. As the two talk and connect, Seo-yeon tries to help the other overcome dark desires and change her future.

The Call is another movie that transcends genres. While the creepiness of the film makes it a horror of sorts, the plot is also intense and thrilling. The mystery of the past and the supernatural aspect of the circumstances create a profoundly moving film that has enough excitement to entertain viewers of varying interests.

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