Seen any good movies lately?

by admin
Seen any good movies lately?

Right now we seem to be living in a fantasy vs reality movie war with Barbie and Oppenheimer. By box office results for the first weeks, society prefers illusion to veracity.

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Too old to have been involved with the Barbie doll, and although Stacey had a few she was never obsessed. They were way too hard to dress and undress so they were always naked. And those tiny little shoes… I just don’t get why the Barbie movie has gripped adults. Don’t know Margot Robbie but do remember Morgan watching Ryan Gosling on TV as Hercules – a far cry from Ken. I am not going to wear anything pink so people won’t think I am into “Barbiecore.”

Oppenheimer, the other recent blockbuster, is based on a team of scientists who created the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945, which effectively ended the Second World War. It sure sounds more interesting and intriguing. It has actors I like and a story that should be gripping and educational, but don’t think I will actually go to the theatre.

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Many years ago, after golf was no longer required viewing in my house and hearing play by plays and tutorials stopped, I was pleased to abolish all things golf from my life. I had not watched any until my sister told me about the son of a friend, who was playing on the PGA tour. Taylor Pendrith was in the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit so I checked out how he was doing. He was third on the leaderboard at the time. Since I have ignored golf for years, I only recognized Rickie Fowler, who won the tournament, even though, of the 156 players on course, 35 were top ranked tour players. Taylor was ranked 120th and came in tied for 14th which I think is pretty good. It is nice to see some Canadians doing so well on the big stage. Don’t think it will change my perspective on the whole golf thing but I may, from time to time, check out scores if our Canadian players are involved.

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Someone recently accused me of going through the dictionary looking for new words. I don’t take time to watch a movie so wouldn’t read the dictionary. I write them down when watching TV or reading newspapers, magazines or books. Here are a few more I don’t think most of us will ever use in normal conversation.

Attritus: matter pulverized or finely divided by attrition: one of the constituents of durian (a large tropical fruit with spikey shell) consisting of macerated plant debris, including leaves, bark, spores and pollen extines, resins and mineral matter.

Extines: outermost coat of pollen or spores.

Petrichor: a distinctive, earthy, usually pleasant odor that is associated with rainfall especially when following a warm, dry period, which arises from a combination of volatile plant oils and geosmin released from the soil into the air and by ozone carried by downdrafts.

Geosmin: a volatile, organic compound C12H22O that is formed by soil-dwelling bacteria and aquatic cyanobacteria that may contribute to the earthy, pleasant odor of petrichor or impart a disagreeable, musty taste and odor to drinking water and certain fish.

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