Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Upcoming Movies And Tv Shows

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Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Upcoming Movies And Tv Shows


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas recently welcomed a baby daughter Malti Marie Jonas. However, apart from being parents and husband and wife, the couple are soon-to-be coworkers. While fans have loved to watch Priyanka and Nick by each other sides on the red carpet and even walking down the aisle, they are eagerly waiting to see them next to one another onscreen.

And Priyanka Chopra has shared some exciting details about it! In a recent interview with Variety, the actress revealed that she and Nick are working on a few projects in the acting world, saying, “We’re definitely developing a bunch of TV and film stuff together.” But the couple aren’t just looking to collaborate in the acting space. Nick and Priyanka have recently teamed up in the fashion industry, too, by becoming partners in the U.K.-based sportswear brand Perfect Moment.

Priyanka explained that after purchasing clothing from the brand, she and Nick met the owners of Perfect Moment. Once they all crossed paths, she and Nick decided to invest in the company. Moreover, the actress also shared whether she will ever sing with Nick or not! Priyanka revealed that she will “never sing with him.” She said that she can’t sing like Nick adding, “No chance. He’s a musical prodigy.”

Recently, Priyanka Chopra turned 40 and Nick Jonas tried to make her day more special. The singer took to his Instagram and shared a series of sweet photos from her birthday celebration. Nick uploaded a photo series, showing adorable and heartfelt moments during the course of their relationship. The first picture in the slide was of the couple locking lips on the coast of a beach, as the waves splashed down on the sand. Priyanka was wearing a stunning yellow outfit, while Nick donned a navy tank top and shorts as they enjoyed a day under the sun.

The second snap was of Priyanka sending a big smile towards the camera in a dim-lit setting. She was holding a sign that had, ‘Happy birthday Priyanka 80s baby,’ written on the front, referencing the year she was born. Another photo was of Nick proudly holding what appeared to be a large beach towel with words written on it that reads, ‘Priyanka! The Jewel of July est. 1982,’ printed in dark, navy blue.

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