People Share Movies With Best ‘Small Town Setting’. Have You Watched Them Yet?

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People Share Movies With Best ‘Small Town Setting’. Have You Watched Them Yet?

Bollywood movies are known for their elaborative sets and aesthetical visualisation. From giant Dharma setups to the very elegant Sanjay Leela Bhansali sets, Bollywood has always set a benchmark. However, there are also many movies which are set in a rural or a small town setting and they have never disappointed. Twitter user ‘Mimansa Shekhar’ took to the blue bird app and shared a few such movies. She asked people to pick their favourtie movie.

With that, she also gave a shoutout to Amir Khan’s ‘Lagaan’. “To me, #Lagaan is perfect in recent times. Its village Champaner was created near actual Kunaria (Bhuj), Gujarat. From costumes, professions to art direction, everything was top notch,” she wrote.

The tweet, which has now gone viral, has sparked a discussion online as people picked up their favourtie movies. “”Piku” set in a small town in west bengal has a great rural setting.The movie beautifully captures the essence of small-town living, the warmth of family relationships, and the beauty of rural landscapes. I lvd its realistic portrayal of d rural setting & the strong performances,” wrote a Twitter user. Another person wrote, “In this niche,

Amitabh Nutan starrer “ Saudagar “ is my all time favourite. No count of how many times I have watched it. What a setting! And what awesome performances too ! Everyone in the family knows how fond I am of the “ gud wali “ film.”

“Foremost Nadiya Ke Par set and shot in Jaunpur district of eastern UP represents village life well. Others – Ketan Mehta’s Mirch Masala, Pan Singh Tomar, Marathi Movie Cycle has wonderful Maharashtra village setting… list is v long,” wrote another person.


What’s your favourite pick?

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first published: May 03, 2023, 12:35 IST

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