Netflix is removing all of these movies tomorrow

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Netflix is removing all of these movies tomorrow

Netflix is about to stop showing a large selection of movies, as well as some TV shows.

The streaming service removes numerous titles each month without fanfare.

Typically, you won’t know there is only a limited amount of time left to watch a film of series unless you happen to select the thing that’s leaving.

The Independent has compiled a list of every single title being removed from Netflix in May 2023.

We’ve aggregated all the impending removals from Netflix in the UK and US, which we’ve indicated below. If there isn’t a territory listed next to the title, then it will be leaving both.

Find the full list of every movie and TV series arriving on Netflix in May 2023 here.

NB: We put this list together with help from What’s on Netflix.


1 May

Against the Sun – UK

Along Came Polly – US

American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile – US

Are You The One – UK/US

Barefoot – US

Beverly Hills Cop – UK

Big Daddy – UK

Black Crows – US

Blade Runner 2049 – UK

Ryan Gosling in ‘Blade Runner 2049’, which is leaving Netflix

(Sony Pictures Releasing)

Blue Streak – UK

Blue Thunder – UK

The Bourne Identity – US

The Bourne Legacy – US

The Bourne Supremacy – US

The Bourne Ultimatum – US

The ‘Burbs – US

CIA: Comrade in America – UK/US

The Clapper – UK/US

Code Geass: Lelouch of… – US

Coffee for All – UK/US

The Dark Knight – US

Heath Ledger as the Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’, which is leaving Netflix


Den of Thieves – US

Eat Pray Love – US

Empire State – US

Fan of Amoory – UK/ US

Fletch – US

Food on the Go –UK/ US

The Four Seasons – US

1408 – UK

The Gentlemen – US

Ghost Rider – UK

The Hangover: Part II – US

The Hangover: Part III– US

The second and third ‘Hangover’ films are leaving Netflix

King Kong (2005) – US

Leap Year – US

The Legend of Zorro – US

Life (1999) – US

Lord of War – UK

The Mask of Zorro – US

Notting Hill – US

The Nutty Professor – US

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps– US

The Other Side of the Mountain – US

‘Notting Hill’ is leaving Netflix

(PolyGram Filmed Entertainment)

Parenthood – US

Piranha (2010) – UK

Play Misty for Me – US


Road to Perdition – US

Savages – UK

Scott Pilgrim vs the World – US

The Social Network – UK

Tom Hanks in ‘Road to Perdition’, which is leaving Netflix


The Sting – US

The Strange House – UK/US

This is 40 – US

3 From Hell – US

21 Jump Street – US

2 May

Jailbreak – UK/US

3 May

Mama Drama – UK/US

5 May

Pup Star: World Tour – US

‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World’ is leaving Netflix


6 May

Anatomy of Evil – UK

August Sky – 63 Days of Glory – UK

Autsajder – UK

Bad Luck Good Love – UK

Black Mercedes – UK

Black Thursday – UK

Blindness – UK

Clergy – UK

Damaged – UK

Extermination: Ready to Roll – UK

Father –UK

Fighter – UK

Holy Business – UK

Joy in the World – UK

Last Breath – US

The Legions – UK

Little Jacob – UK

The Lure – UK

Mister T – UK

Na Uklady Nie Ma Rady – UK

‘21 Jump Street’ is leaving Netflix


Odnajdę cię – UK

Piąta pora roku – UK

Porady Na Zdrady – UK

Prosta historia o morderstwie – UK

Servants of War – UK

7 Emotions – UK

Smoleńsk – UK

Sniadanie do lózka – UK

Sophie Seeks 7 – UK

The Top Floor – UK

Totem – UK

Unfinished Time – UK

Viva Belarus! – UK

Żyć nie umierać – UK

7 May

Aerials – UK/US

Freej Al Taibeen – UK

In Paradox – UK

Match – UK

She’s All That – UK

Toc Toc – UK/US

Wedy Atkalam – UK

8 May

Everything But a Man – UK

10 May

Ammonite – UK

Chaos Walking – UK

Wild Mountain Thyme – UK

11 May

Ali & Alia – UK/US

Dear Affy – UK/US

12 May

Mindhorn – US

14 May

Weed the People – US

‘Ammonite’ is leaving Netflix

15 May

Aiyaary – US

Grandmother’s Farm – US

Grandmother’s Farm Part 2 – US

Heaven Without People – US

16 May

Booba: Food Puzzle – US

Paddington – US

17 May

Side Effects – US

18 May

Clash – US

19 May

Taxi No 9211 – US

The Last Days – US

‘Paddington’ is leaving Netflix


20 May

Little Singham Future mein Satakli – US

22 May

Modest Heroes: Ponoc Short Films Theatre – US

23 May

The Suit – US

24 May

Azzurri – Road to Wembley – US

Illang: The Wolf Brigade (Netflix Original) – US

25 May

The Other – US

26 May

Sara’s Notebook (Netflix Original) – US

28 May

Collateral Beauty – US

30 May

The 2nd – US

‘Collateral Beauty’ is leaving Netflix



1 May

Uncoupled season one – US

3 May

iZombie season one to five – UK

8 May

Away From Home season one – UK/US

Bibik-Bibikku season one – UK/US

Cinta Iris season one – UK/US

Cinta 100KG season one – UK/US

Cinta Si Wedding Planner season one – UK/US

Cinta Teruna Kimchi  season one – UK/US

The Missing Menu season one – UK/US

Roadkill season one – UK

Secret of Success season one – UK/US

Unchained Fate season one – UK/US

10 May

The Bisexual season one – UK

The Drowning season one – UK

11 May

Bordertown season one to three  (Netflix Original) – UK/US

TV series ‘Bordertown’ is leaving Netflix


12 May

Live season one (Netflix Original) – US

26 May

Something in the Rain season one ( Netflix Original) – US

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