Movie aisi banao ki chaar log cinema hall mein ‘gadar’ macha dein…

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Movie aisi banao ki chaar log cinema hall mein ‘gadar’ macha dein…

Though I am not a movie buff, but when it comes to situations like ‘gadar’ or for that matter, ‘bhokal’, I am all in for the real entertainment that ensues while watching movies in cinema halls.

The reason is simple. I like chaos and that’s why I like Bollywood movies because they help us forget our own chaotic lives and want us to believe in the chaos they often create on the silver screen.

In our country, chaos is not just limited to silver screens. Many a time, it manifest into reality when fans and haters turn the theaters into ‘Ranbhoomi’ just to prove their martial capabilities and express their love for the superstars.

It’s India, boss, and whether we are happy with the movie or not, we have a ‘democratic right’ to express ourselves even if we have to create a ruckus.

Abhi apne Sunny paaji created a ‘gadar’ by storming the box office with yet another India-Pakistan story titled ‘Gadar 2’.

‘Garda uda diya’

Though the Sunny Deol flick impressed movie goers, at some places, it inspired real-life Sunny Deols to create Gadar in movie theaters. Bole to paisa vasool.

As per the latest reports, the movie’s collection has touched 475 crore-mark but I am not interested in this Dhanda-Vanda.

Until chappals are hurled, punches are thrown in real life, movies make no sense for me at least. And here, this move stood up to my expectations. Many cinema halls witnessed such chaotic scenes and then only I came to a conclusion that ‘kharcha-pani’ barabar mila hai.

In the south too, apne Prabhas ‘Garu’ ke fans were not far behind of late. Looked like they were eager to express their love for the ‘Bahubali’ superstar.

Overheard somewhere that in some cinema halls in the south, Bahubali fans too created ‘gadar’ by showing their ‘lover’ for Prabhas.

One good point here is that in this niche, at least there is no north-south debate.



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