List Of Highest Grossing Movies Of Raviteja

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List Of Highest Grossing Movies Of Raviteja


Kick To Dhamaka: Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies Of Raviteja

Dhamaka joins the elite list of one of the highest grossing movies of Raviteja. After a couple of flops in the year, Raviteja bounced back with the Dhamaka movie which is going strong at the box office despite mixed talks from Day 1. Krack movie taruvatha malla hit leni Raviteja ki ee Dhamaka hit icchindi…Trinadh Rao Nakkina direct chesina ee movie Mass Maharaja ki decent comeback in 2022 ane cheppali. Normal story with added mass elements, Sree Leela performance and dances, mass songs from Bheems Cecirileo ila prathi factor ee movie hit lo major role play chesayi.

Dhamaka is now one of the highest grossing movie in Ravieteja’s career. For Raviteja, Krack taruvatha 50+ grosser movie Dhamaka ne. As it became the highest grosser let’s take a look at Highest Grossing Movies Of Raviteja in his career.

1. Kick Movie
WW Gross: 30+ Cr (Estimated)

Kick is a perfect commercial entertainer which collected 30+ Cr grosser. Directed by Surender Reddy, Kick movie is the best movie in Raviteja’s career.

2. Mirapakay Movie
WW Gross: 17+ Cr

Mirapakay is the second movie of Harish Shankar & Raviteja after shock. Even after Shock disaster, Raviteja gave a second chance to Harish Shankar, and he gave a hit this time with all the elements Mass Maharaja fans waited for.

3. Don Seenu Movie
Ww Gross: 18+ Cr

One of the best comedy entertainers in Raviteja’s career. Don Seenu is the debut movie for Gopichand Malineni who scored a debut hit in 2010.

4. Kick 2
WW Gross: 40+ Cr

After Kick hit, Surender Reddy & Raviteja came up with a Kick sequel which went totally wrong. Kick 2 and Raviteja received a strong backlash from the fans for ruining kick movie with sequel.

5. Bengal Tiger
WW Gross: 30+ Cr

Sampath Nandi directed Bengal Tiger movie collected more than 30+ Cr gross at the box office with below average talk.

6. Raja The Great Movie
WW Gross: 50+ Cr

This movie is a mass comeback for Raviteja, it did well after back to back flops, Fans enjoyed their performance and it is a first 50+ Cr grosser for Raviteja.

7. Amar Akbar Anthony
WW Gross: 30+ Cr (Estimated)

The Amar Akbar Anthony movie got huge hype before the release as the Venky movie combination is back. Srinu Vaitla & Raviteja 3rd movie after Venky & Dubai Seenu didn’t do well at the box office.

8. Disco Raja
WW Gross: 30+ Cr

Disco Raja this sci-fi movie of mass maharaja went totally wrong and resulted in disaster at the box office.

9. Krack
WW Gross: 70+ Cr

After back to back disaster movies, Raviteja made his comeback with Krack movie directed by Gopichand Malineni. The Krack movie did well at box office and opened gates for other movies, released after the post pandemic.

10. Dhamaka Movie
WW Gross*: 89+ Cr (As On January 1st, 2023)

Raviteja is back with Dhamaka hit, again after couple of flops in a year mass maharaja bounced back with Dhamaka movie. Opened with mixed talk reviews Dhamaka went on to become a highest grosser in Raviteja’s career nearing 100 Cr mark.


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