Koratala Siva Took Unnecessary Burden?

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Koratala Siva Took Unnecessary Burden?

After many hurdles and delays, Koratala Siva’s next with NTR is finally on the shooting sets. The makers have already announced that the film is slated to release on April 5, 2024.

During the pooja ceremony, Koratala Siva said NTR30 has some seriously evil and monster characters who are not scared of death or even god. He said that the film will tell the story of NTR and his fierce fight with these huge monsters against the backdrop of sea and ships.

Going by Koratala’s statements, it can be assumed that the film will be made on a huge scale and will be heavy on VFX which will require a lot of time to come up with a polished product. Koratala Siva has only one year to shoot and also work on the technical aspects of the film. For a film that is touted to be as huge as the makers are claiming, one year might not be sufficient.

The makers have put an additional burden on Koratala Siva by announcing the release date much in advance. Koratala Siva is already under tremendous pressure to deliver a blockbuster after Acharya’s debacle, and now this release date deadline will put more pressure on him.

If the makers had taken the decision on the release date after the completion of a significant part of the movie’s shoot, then Koratala and his team would have worked in a stress-free atmosphere to deliver a kickass project without bothering about any deadline.

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