Gadar 2: Sunny Deol’s movie shatters Box Office records, refuses to slow down; check collection after Day 11

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Gadar 2: Sunny Deol’s movie shatters Box Office records, refuses to slow down; check collection after Day 11

Gadar 2 continues its impressive run at the Box Office, amassing a staggering sum of 390.20 crore in just 11 days since its release. The film, a sequel to the iconic original, has managed to captivate audiences and shatter several box office records along the way.

The film’s journey began on August 11 with a remarkable opening day collection of 40.1 crore. As the weekend unfolded, its box office fortunes continued to rise, with the first Saturday witnessing a 7.43% increase at 43.08 crore. The momentum picked up even further on the first Sunday, when the film recorded a phenomenal collection of 51.7 crore, marking a remarkable 20.01% rise from the previous day.

However, the initial excitement saw a slight dip on the first Monday, registering a collection of 38.7 crore, indicating a decline of 25.15%. The film quickly rebounded on the first Tuesday, with an impressive collection of 55.4 crore, representing a staggering 43.15% growth.

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The first week wrapped up with an accumulative collection of 284.63 crore, firmly cementing Gadar 2‘s position as a box office powerhouse. As the second week commenced, the film maintained its momentum with a collection of 20.5 crore on the second Friday, experiencing a mere 11.94% drop from the previous day.

The film continued its upward trajectory on the second Saturday, amassing a significant collection of 31.07 crore, an increase of 51.56% from the day before. As the second Sunday unfolded, early estimates suggest that Gadar 2 experienced a collection of around 41 crore, demonstrating a 31.96% growth.

The film’s performance on the second Monday is yet to be confirmed, but given the consistency of its box office run so far, it is expected that the figures will maintain the impressive trend.

In the span of just 11 days, Gadar 2 has managed to reach an awe-inspiring total of 390.20 crore, consolidating its position as a box office juggernaut. Its ability to attract and engage audiences, coupled with its impactful storyline and star-studded cast, has propelled it to unprecedented heights in the world of Indian cinema. With no signs of slowing down, it remains to be seen how far Gadar 2 will go in redefining box office success.

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