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Fall in Love with Film Again on SBS World Movies | Movie News


  • Audio Description (AD) available for Summerland, The Lady in the Van, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Ammonite and Hope Gap
  • Closed Captions (CC) available for The Lady in the Van and O Brother, Where Art Thou?



Saturday 5 November, 8:30pm on SBS World Movies / Now streaming at SBS On Demand

UK, 2020
Genre: Drama, War, Romance
Language: English
Director: Jessica Swale
Starring: Gemma Arterton, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Lucas Bond, Penelope Wilton, Tom Courtenay
What’s it about?
During World War Two, reclusive Englishwoman Alice Lamb (Arterton) finds her life up-ended when a young evacuee (Bond) from the London Blitz is left in her care. Initially resolving to be rid of him, she finds herself opening her heart in this moving story of womanhood, love and friendship. Co-starring Belle‘s Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Alice’s lover from university.



Sunday 6 November, 8:30pm on SBS World Movies / Now streaming at SBS On Demand

France, Germany, UK, USA, 2020
Genre: War, History, Drama
Language: English
Director: Jonathan Jakubowicz
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Ed Harris, Clemence Poesy, Matthias Schweighöfer, Géza Röhrig
What’s it about?
Before he becomes known as the world-famous mime Marcel Marceau, aspiring Jewish actor Marcel Mangel (Eisenberg) joins the French Resistance during the war. He agrees to take part in a dangerous mission to save 123 Jewish orphans from the grasp of the Nazis and the ruthless Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie (Schweighöfer) and take them to safety across the border to Switzerland. Co-starring Son of Saul star Géza Röhrig as Marceau’s cousin and member of the French Jewish Resistance.


The Lady in the Van

Saturday 12 November, 8:30pm on SBS World Movies / Streaming after at SBS On Demand

UK, 2015
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: English
Director: Nicholas Hytner
Starring: Maggie Smith, Alex Jennings, Frances de la Tour, Gwen Taylor, Dominic Cooper
What’s it about?
A memoir from acclaimed English playwright and author Alan Bennett is the basis for this film, centred on Miss Shepherd (Maggie Smith), a woman of uncertain origins who ‘temporarily’ parks her van in Bennett’s London driveway and proceeds to live there for 15 years. What begins as a begrudging favour becomes a relationship that will change both their lives.


O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Sunday 13 November, 8:30pm on SBS World Movies / No catch-up at SBS On Demand

USA, 2000
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Action
Language: English
Director: Joel Coen
Starring: George Clooney, John Turturro, Holly Hunter, Tim Blake Nelson, John Goodman
What’s it about?
Based loosely on Homer’s Odyssey this Coen brothers gem follows the misadventures of escaped con Ulysses Everett McGill (Clooney) and his none-too-bright sidekicks Pete (Turturro) and Delmar (Nelson). The trio tries to make its way back to Ulysses’ Penelope (Hunter) before she can marry again. This hit comedy from the Coen Brothers (FargoNo Country For Old Men) was nominated for two 2001 Academy Awards (Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography.)

NOTE: No catch-up at SBS On Demand


The Flood

Saturday 19 November, 8:30pm on SBS World Movies / Streaming after at SBS On Demand

Australia, 2020
Genre: Drama, Thriller, History, Western
Language: English
Director: Victoria Wharfe McIntyre
Starring: Alexis Lane, Shaka Cook, Dean Kyrwood, Dalara Williams, Karen Garnsey
What’s it about?
Set during the second World War, this is the story of Jarah’s (Lane) coming-of-age in a brutal and lawless land – growing from a sweet child to a strong, independent and ferocious woman taking on Australia’s corrupt and bigoted system one bad guy at a time.



Sunday 20 November, 8:30pm on SBS World Movies / Now streaming at SBS On Demand

MA15+, AD
UK, 2020
Genre: Romance, Drama
Language: English
Director: Francis Lee
Starring: Kate Winslet, Saoirse Ronan, Gemma Jones, James McArdle, Fiona Shaw
What’s it about?
In 1840s England, palaeontologist Mary Anning (Winslet) and a young woman (Ronan) sent by her husband to convalesce by the sea develop an intense relationship. Despite the chasm between their social spheres and personalities, Mary and Charlotte discover they can each offer what the other has been searching for: the realisation that they are not alone. It is the beginning of a passionate and all-consuming love affair that will defy all social bounds and alter the course of both lives irrevocably. Directed by Francis Lee (God’s Own Country).


Hope Gap

Saturday 26 November, 8:30pm on SBS World Movies / Now streaming at SBS On Demand

UK, 2019
Genre: Drama, Romance
Language: English
Director: William Nicholson
Starring: Annette Bening, Bill Nighy, Josh O’Connor, Aiysha Hart, Nicholas Burns
What’s it about?
Grace (Bening) lives an idyllic life in a British seaside town, but her world soon comes crashing down when her husband (Nighy) of 29 years tells her he’s leaving her for another woman. Through stages of shock, disbelief and anger, Grace ultimately regains her footing while learning it’s never too late to be happy.



Sunday 27 November, 8:30pm on SBS World Movies / Streaming at SBS On Demand from Nov 4

Belgium, France, Netherlands, 2021
Genre: Drama, History, Romance
Language: French, Latin
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Starring: Virginie Efira, Charlotte Rampling, Daphne Patakia, Lambert Wilson
What’s it about?
A 17th-century nun (Efira) becomes entangled in a forbidden lesbian affair with a novice (Patakia). But it is Benedetta’s shocking religious visions that threaten to shake the Church to its core. From legendary Dutch director Paul Verhoeven, the provocateur behind modern Hollywood classics Robocop, Total Recall and Basic Instinct, and who made a triumphant return to European production with 2006’s Black Book and 2016’s Elle.



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