Best Movies Coming to Shudder in September 2022

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Best Movies Coming to Shudder in September 2022


Streaming platforms have become an arguably more popular method for people to dive right in to new upcoming movies, or even classic originals that we have forgotten about. Much like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Shudder has an array of exciting movies and TV shows, where there’s always something for everyone, even if they do specialize in the horror genre almost exclusively.

Recently, they have announced that they will be releasing a creepily wonderful 61 spooky days of Halloween event. As we enter into the fall, get your blankets and cushions, then dim the lights because Shudder will be lining up plenty of horrors, thrillers, and supernatural Shudder originals next month. Let’s take a look at what is in store for us in the month of September.


Who Invited Them – September 1

Who Invited Them is a horror comedy that puts a slight twist on the typical home invasion horror storyline. While it’s dark and keeps the horror vibe, its comedic addition creates a humorously sinister movie that follows a nerdy man, Adam, and his wife Margo, who are hosts of a housewarming party gone awry.

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Things quickly turn south when a mysterious couple, Tom and Sasha, gatecrash and weirdly just hang around after the party finishes. Adam and Margo quickly realize that these aren’t your average kind of neighbors. Director Duncan Birmingham does a fantastic job of bringing in a menacing atmosphere with a few jump scares that we all love, as well as teasing the audience throughout with nasty twists, keeping hold of that outburst of horror that can happen at any moment.

Saloum – September 8

The 2021 Senegalese thriller Saloum is coming to Shudder, following the Bangui Hyenas, a group of mercenaries who extract a drug lord from Guinea-Bissau. They must lie low on a remote holiday camp while they stash their stolen goods and do their best to blend in with the other residents. As time goes on, more secrets begin to unravel, which put their lives at risk and have destructive consequences.

This movie incorporates supernatural horror elements in unexpected, culturally significant ways with plenty of suspense. Saloum was even selected to appear at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and, after winning numerous awards at other festivals like Fantastic Fest, is finally coming to streaming..

Speak No Evil – September 15

At some point, every family ends up awkwardly meeting another family on vacation; have you ever been invited to their creepy wooden house, though? That’s exactly what happens in Speak No Evil, when a Danish family befriend a Dutch family while on vacation in Tuscany; months later, they receive an invitation to meet up.

Thinking nothing of it, the Danish family decide to go, but before long they begin to realize that this isn’t quite the jolly reunion trip they were expecting, and the family are definitely not who they appeared to be on vacation. Trapped, it’s time for them to find a quick way out. For lovers of sadistic, shocking, disturbing scares, this movie is a must-see, so get ready for its release on September 15th, and remember to sleep with one eye open.

Sissy – September 29

Aisha Dee and Hannah Barlow star as teen best friends Cecilia and Emma, who always vowed to never let anything come between them, but when Alex (Emily De Margheriti) gets in the way, they are separated. 12 years later, they randomly bump into each other and Cecilia shares how she is a successful social media influencer; after reconnecting, Emma invites her to her bachelorette weekend at a remote cabin in the mountains.

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Horror fans will of course know that remote cabins in the middle of nowhere are never a good sign in a movie. With Alex still on the scene, Cecilia’s life becomes a living hell where she has absolutely nowhere to escape to. Get ready, as Sissy is set to be a modern classic in the slasher horror genre, but with a modern twist. The film will also be available on AMC+.

Raven’s Hollow – September 22

Selected for FrightFest 2022 and a Shudder Original, Raven’s Hollow will hit our screens on September 22nd. It follows author Edgar Allan Poe and four other cadets on a training exercise where they are quickly drawn to a gruesome and disturbing discovery. As they are led into a forgotten community, they soon realize that there are far darker secrets in their community than they had imagined. When everyone is taken aback by the leader’s beautiful daughter, Poe learns that everyone is refusing to mention anything about what they had discovered on the way there. Is the author going mad, or will Poe uncover the terrifying truth that is facing him?

Flux Gourmet – September 15

The gorgeously weird Flux Gourmet is set in an artistic institution, where a group of eccentric and experimental artists known for their strange performances and sounds with food (otherwise known as ‘sonic catering’) take up residency in. When an outsider is given a job to record the daily rituals of the group, he soon finds himself becoming part of their collective. He experiences the dysfunctionality of the group and how they must answer to its leader, Jan Stevens. As secrets and discoveries unfold, we’re taken on a strange journey of dark humor and bizarre, ’70s-inspired imagery. Flux Gourmet is a Peter Strickland film (following Berberian Sound Studio, The Duke of Burgundy, and In Fabric), so viewers should know the wonderful oddness they’re getting themselves into.


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