A new Karan Johar movie, a new tirade from Kangana Ranaut

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A new Karan Johar movie, a new tirade from Kangana Ranaut

With Karan Johar making his directorial comeback with Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani, it seems like his naysayers also got their jobs back. Kangana Ranaut is back in business… of bashing Johar and the ‘Bollywood film mafia’. 

Parts of her latest rants are just as juicy and literally unbelievable, and others carry the same monotonous tone. When it comes to her jabs against Karan Johar, it seems like Ranaut will never stop milking her OG nepotism comment. 

What did Kangana Ranaut say?

  • Well, first it started with a verbal attack on Karan Johar. Sharing a few clips of his interviews on Instagram, Ranaut claimed that the director buys public perception about his movies so that they do well. 
  • She also asked whether he uses the money to float negative PR against the films made by his rivals (AKA Kangana Ranaut) to turn them into flops. 
  • It is no secret that Ranaut’s recent films, some through her own production house Manikarnika Films, have not really done well. And it seems like Ranaut wants to find a villain in her ‘Bollywood film mafia’ to blame for her flops.   
  • She also shared another Instagram post, this time without naming anyone, and said that “success must be earned not bought”. It also hints at Karan Johar. 

Not the end

  • Ranaut’s latest bout of hatred against the big ol’ Bollywood goons did not end with bashing Karan Johar. 
  • In a series of Instagram stories, she also claimed that the elusive ‘Bollywood mafia’ is making fake accounts claiming to be her representative to fool her fans and target her. 
  • Of course, no Ranaut rant is complete without hinting at Hrithik Roshan, so she also recounted how this ‘superstar’ she once dated used fake accounts to chat with her, hacked her account, and claimed that she was talking to his imposter. 
  • On the other side of the social media world, on Twitter, former BJP MP Subramanian Swamy questioned why Ranaut gets such high security. 
  • If you don’t know, the actor still has the Y+ security cover she was given by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs following her spat with Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut in 2020 over the actor comparing Mumbai to Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. 
  • To this Ranaut said that she is “not just a Bollywood star”. 

The juiciest part of all

  • Believe it or not (maybe not), but Ranbir Kapoor allegedly begged Kangana Ranaut to date him and his marriage to Alia Bhatt (who stars as the titular Rani in Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani) is fake. 

Another superstar who is known to be a womaniser landed at my house and begged me to date him but kept meeting secretly to pursue me…

– Kangana Ranaut in Instagram story

  • Kangana Ranaut did not name Ranbir Kapoor or Alia Bhatt, but hinted at them in her Instagram post.  

…when I questioned this shady behaviour he said he was getting a trilogy to date a papa ki pari who he didn’t love…

– Kangana Ranaut in Instagram story

What’s the reaction like?

The alleged Bollywood mafia has not responded to any of Kangana Ranaut’s comments. But people in Ranaut’s Instagram comment section have things to say to the actor:

Screenshots of comments under Kangana Ranaut’s Instagram post on Karan Johar

Kangana Ranaut was silent for a long time. So maybe the latest noise is because of her upcoming reality show Lock Upp season 2, whose release date was postponed earlier.   

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