9 New Thriller & Horror Movies and Shows to Watch in January 2023

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9 New Thriller & Horror Movies and Shows to Watch in January 2023


January starts 2023 with various new horror and thriller shows and films. The highly anticipated series The Last of Us will release later this month, providing some necessary details missing from the popular PlayStation game. M3GAN, the next Chucky, will finally release this week after months of successful advertising. There’s something for every thrill-seeker this month to jump into.

Experience the Heist in Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope features a master thief and his crew as they attempt an epic heist. The ensemble works together to combat betrayal, greed and other threats to obtain a reward worth $7 billion. The series stars Giancarlo Esposito, Tati Gabrielle, Paz Vega, Rufus Sewell and Peter Mark Kendall. Audiences have scored the series 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, showcasing their excitement over the new release.

Kaleidoscope was released on Netflix Jan. 1.

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Seek Vengeance With Copenhagen Cowboy

Copenhagen Cowboy is a Danish noir-thriller series featuring an enigmatic young renegade on a mission to find her nemesis. Miu has dedicated her life to an unknown organization for years while navigating the criminal netherworld of Copenhagen. The series unravels Miu’s journey and how her history with her nemesis has led her down a path of vengeance and justice. Join her crusade and watch as her adventure unravels.

Copenhagen Cowboy will release on Netflix Jan. 5.

M3GAN Is the Best Friend Until the End

Advertising for the new artificial intelligence horror film, M3GAN, has created a stir for the life-like doll programmed to be a child’s best friend. The doll becomes a caretaker for the child, catering to their every need. When M3GAN cares for a young orphaned girl named Cady, the doll becomes unhinged as she works to resolve all problems for the child, including anyone she perceives as a possible threat. The trailer shows obvious comparisons to another iconic horror star, Chucky.

M3GAN will release in theaters Jan. 6.

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Skinamarink Breeds True Fear

The new Shudder film, Skinamarink, features two children who wake in the middle of the night to find their father missing. All the windows and doors of their home have vanished, and they find themselves trapped and afraid in the darkness. The film’s trailer showcases its eerie and cryptic tone, and critics have deemed it worthy of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The premise showcases the intense fear any child would feel if this were their shocking reality.

Skinamarink will release in theaters Jan. 13.

The Last of Us Provides Audiences With the Rest of the Story

The highly anticipated HBO series, The Last of Us, finally premieres this month. The series stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie from the iconic zombie apocalypse PlayStation game of the same name. The premise will feature a similar storyline to the game, including a smuggler’s task of escorting a teen across the post-apocalyptic United States while providing a stronger narrative not present in the gameplay itself. Many fans have looked forward to a more substantial story that only a series could provide.

The Last of Us will premiere on HBO Jan. 15.

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Fantasy Meets Horror in The Devil Conspiracy

The Devil Conspiracy blends fantasy and horror with a powerful biotech company that breaks through the previous limitations of cloning. With a few fragments of DNA, the company can provide high-quality clones. A group of Satanists plot to use the technology to create a clone of Jesus using his actual DNA. Archangel Michael comes to earth on a mission to stop the abomination that is the devil’s conspiracy. The film takes sci-fi horror and religious fears to a new level.

The Devil Conspiracy will release in theaters Jan. 13.

The Offering Showcases Religious Horrors

The Offering features a haunted funeral home that reveals dark secrets kept about a missing young Jewish girl who recently went missing. The film’s protagonists are a pregnant couple who deal with an aggressive spirit hellbent on possessing the unborn child. They question their faith and the events that led them to the horrific point. The Offering has 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and critics claim the film takes a popular theme and adds their own personal spin to the film.

The Offering will release in theaters Jan. 13.

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Door Mouse Provides a Gritty, Action-Packed Tale

Door Mouse features a dancer at a dead-end burlesque club whose friends mysteriously go missing. Mouse and Ugly team together to uncover the truth about where their friends were taken. The duo must tread carefully as the shady club owner, Mama, will do whatever it takes to protect the real-life monsters responsible. The film has been described as gritty and highly engaging, showcasing how far people will go when they are desperate.

Door Mouse will release in theaters Jan. 13.

Question Everything in Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool stars Alexander Skarsgård (well-known scream king), Cleopatra Coleman and Mia Goth in a horror film set at an isolated island resort. A happy couple (Skarsgård and Coleman) explore the beautiful sights and activities included in their vacation package until meeting a seductive and mysterious woman (Goth) who leads them down a terrifying path beyond the resort’s grounds. The protagonists are exposed to violence, hedonism and untold horror. They find themselves on the run, attempting to flee the death penalty for what they witnessed.

Infinity Pool will release in theaters Jan. 27.


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