7 Best New Movies on Max September 2023

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7 Best New Movies on Max September 2023

Welcome to a cinematic journey that will ignite your senses and stir your emotions – the 7 Best New Movies on Max. Immerse yourself in a handpicked selection of the finest films, each a masterpiece in its own right. From heart-racing action that will keep you on the edge of your seat to thought-provoking dramas that touch the core of human experience, this collection has something for every discerning viewer.

Experience the latest offerings from Max in storytelling excellence, brought to life by exceptional performances and visionary direction. These aren’t just movies; they’re gateways to new worlds. Your ultimate cinematic experience awaits on Max.

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Just Like Heaven

Director: Mark Waters

Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo, Donal Logue, Dina Spybey-Waters, Ben Shenkman, Jon Header

Just Like Heaven is a romantic comedy directed by Mark Waters, featuring Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo, and Jon Heder. Adapted from Marc Levy’s 1999 French novel If Only It Were True, the story follows David (Ruffalo), a young widower who moves to a new San Francisco apartment. Little does he know the apartment is already inhabited by Elizabeth (Witherspoon), a young doctor in spirit form, leading to hilarious misunderstandings.

Aside from the laughter, the film’s profound themes of love and loss evoke intense emotions. David and Elizabeth’s journey through these complexities creates an unforgettable cinematic experience that leaves its audience in a dreamy fantasy.

The Mask

The Mask

Director: Chuck Russell

Cast: Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Peter Riegert, Peter Greene, Amy Yasbeck

Aside from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Jim Carrey’s iconic role in The Mask is an unforgettable journey through director Chuck Russell’s vision of the mobsters in Los Angeles. Hardly based in reality, Stanley Ipkiss (Carrey) works a dead-end job at the bank and watches cartoons all day with his dog in a spiraling depression. But all that changes when he finds a magic mask floating near the harbor and transforms into the confident, invincible, jazz-swinging ladies’ man.

With all that power and charisma, Ipkiss finds himself immersed in the LA nightlife and all the treacherous characters that come with it. The Mask plays like a live-action cartoon where the imagination can run wild with lust, action, and self-proclaimed Academy Award-winning drama; it is one of the greatest movies to come to Max.


Wesley Snipes as Blade in 'Blade'
Image via New Line Cinema 

Director: Stephen Norrington

Cast: Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristofferson, N’Bushe Wright, Donal Logue

Long before Iron Man and the birth of the Marvel Universe, Blade, along with its sequels, effectively brought a Marvel comic to a mainstream audience, with the powers of a demi-vampire, Blade (Wesley Snipes) teams up with scientist and weapons expert Abraham Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) to wage war against the bloodsucking creatures that plague society.

The non-stop fight scenes and specialized weapons in battle made the Blade series a timeless epic, quickly recognizable to anybody who loved movies in that era. The film’s draw is that it offers a unique twist on the vampire genre, blending dark intrigue with heroic grit as Blade fights to save humanity from an ancient evil.


Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson on the field waving at the crowd in 42
Image via Warner Bros.

Director: Brian Helgeland

Cast: Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford, Nicole Beharie, Christopher Meloni, Andre Holland

42 is the story of two souls from vastly different worlds brought together in baseball. Chadwick Boseman‘s portrayal of Jackie Robinson, a courageous African-American athlete, shatters the chains of racial prejudice. His determined spirit battles bigotry, while Harrison Ford embodies Branch Rickey, the Brooklyn Dodgers executive.

Boseman (Get on Up) infuses Robinson with fierce determination, evoking empathy and admiration. Ford (Indiana Jones) delivers a masterclass in 42 by revealing Rickey’s unyielding commitment to change. As the film tells the story of Robinson’s uphill struggle and unwavering grace, emotions swirl in a true tribute to an unsung hero; 42 is an ode to breaking barriers.


Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise the Dancing Clown smiling while holding a balloon in 'It' 2017
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Director: Andy Muschietti

Cast: Jaeden Martell, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Chosen Jacobs

In the modernized yet chilling movie IT, directed by Andy Muschietti, a group of kids in the small town of Derry encounters an evil being that takes the form of a shapeshifting clown named Pennywise. Played by Bill Skarsgård (Hemlock Grove), Pennywise preys on the children’s deepest fears, terrorizing them and feeding on their fear.

The group, self-appointed as The Loser Club, are portrayed by amazingly talented young actors, including Jaeden Martell (Knives Out) as the stuttering leader Bill, Sophia Lillis (Sharp Objects) as Beverly, Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) as Richie, and more.

Set in the late 1980s, the film captures the eerie atmosphere of Derry and the unsettling events that unfold. As the kids confront their nightmares and Pennywise’s sinister tricks, they must unite to defeat the malevolent entity.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Directors: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa

Cast: Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Marisa Tomei

In Crazy, Stupid, Love, a bunch of tangled hearts and hysterical comedy is in store. Steve Carell (The Office) plays a dad named Cal, whose wife, played by Julianne Moore (Magnolia), wants a divorce. Cal’s life turns wild when he meets ladies’ man Jacob, played by Ryan Gosling (The Notebook). With Jacob’s suave guidance, Cal transforms into a ladies’ magnet.

Cal’s son, Robbie, is crushing on his babysitter, Jessica (Analeigh Tipton). The thing is, Jessica has a thing for Cal. Hannah (Emma Stone) enters the scene as if that wasn’t enough, catching Jacob’s eye. Love triangles, missteps, and misunderstandings ensue, leading to one crazy, stupid, hilarious rollercoaster of emotions and laughs.

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Image via New Line Cinema

Director: F. Gary Gray

Cast: Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Tommy “Tiny” Lister, John Witherspoon

Perhaps one of the most quotable movies of the 90s, Friday is a timeless story about Craig (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker) as they find themselves on a wild day of misadventures and unexpected encounters. Set in South Central Los Angeles, the movie captures the humor and challenges of everyday life.

Craig, an average guy, wants to avoid trouble, while his friend Smokey is entangled in a drug deal gone awry. Together, they navigate the eccentric characters of their community, portrayed by talented actors like Nia Long, Regina King, and John Witherspoon. With witty street humor, Friday showcases an ordinary day that turns unforgettable as Craig and Smokey learn what it means to stand tall in their dynamic urban life.

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