5 Hatke Hindi Movies That Champion Body Positivity

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5 Hatke Hindi Movies That Champion Body Positivity

Do you like what you see in the mirror?

Bollywood has always idealised slender bodies, salon-ready hair, spotless glass skin, athletic body and tall stature. But that is a highly unrealistic unattainable standard for most common people.

Come on, we all are guilty of glorifying this perfection too.

But in recent times, society has made great strides towards becoming more accepting of one’s physical appearance. We are progressing towards becoming less and less judgemental of how much we weigh, how much hair we have, skin conditions, body shape,but such representation in the cinema is far and few between.

Here is a list of movies that champion this cause and teach us that the art of loving ourselves, is enroute towards self confidence and self-esteem. These movies may not have been blockbusters but they are baby steps towards a more progressive outlook:


Although the movie received backlash for not accurately representing a dark-skinned person by casting one instead of painting a fair skinned Bhumi Pednekar, it ticked other boxes quite well.

The story revolves around the character Bala, played by Ayushmann Khurrana, who suffers from premature balding and the societal pressures and stereotypes associated with it.

It was praised for its portrayal of the social stigma surrounding baldness and the need for self-acceptance.


A light hearted coming of age movie that discusses issues surrounding adolescence including hormonal changes and dealing with fluctuating weight.

Gippi is struggling with body dysmorphia but later accepts herself the way she is and puts a smile on every viewer’s face!

Dum Laga Ke Haisha

The film challenges the notion that only people with a certain body type or appearance can find love and happiness. Sandhya’s character faces discrimination and bullying due to her weight, but her character is also portrayed as confident, independent, and intelligent, with a strong personality.

She is shown to be successful in her career and academic pursuits, and her weight does not define her.

Fanney Khan

The film carries a strong message of body positivity, as it portrays the struggles of a young, plus-size girl named Lata Sharma, who dreams of becoming a famous singer but is constantly discouraged by her weight. However, with the help of her father, Fanney Khan, and a struggling musician named Adhir, Lata overcomes her insecurities and proves that talent has no size.

The film challenges the societal stereotypes and beauty standards surrounding weight and encourages people to embrace their bodies and be confident in their own skin. It also highlights the importance of supporting and encouraging individuals to pursue their dreams, regardless of their physical appearance.

The movie didn’t work due to the weak storyline and inconsistent plot but still gave out a strong message.


The film’s lead character, Bauua Singh, is a person of short stature, and the movie shows him as a confident and capable person who does not let his height limit him. This portrayal of a person with a physical difference as a fully realised character with his own dreams and ambitions was a positive step in promoting acceptance and diversity.

Additionally, the film’s female lead, Anushka Sharma, plays a character with cerebral palsy. The movie showcases her as a strong and independent woman who doesn’t let her disability define her. This portrayal of a woman with a disability as a fully realised and empowered person was also a positive representation of diversity and body positivity.

Overall, while “Zero” may not have been perfect in its representation of these issues, it did make an effort to showcase a diverse range of characters and promote body positivity.

Let us know which movie do you think was momentous in making a difference in terms of body positivity!

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