10 Classic Movies That Have Obvious Plotholes, According To Reddit

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10 Classic Movies That Have Obvious Plotholes, According To Reddit


Nope was recently released to huge critical acclaim, calling it another thrilling and terrifying Jordan Peele-directed movie, but it’s still full of plotholes and headscratchers. As great of a director as Peele is, he struggles to make a movie that’s plausible and works within the rules of the world, but that isn’t such a problem.

Even the best movies have plotholes, and whether it’s an issue with the narrative, logic, or an out-of-character decision, the films aren’t loved any less because of their shortcomings. Between a beloved animated movie, several epic space adventures, and what is often called the greatest film of all time, these are all guilty of having plotholes.


Toy Story (1995)

Pixar is known for great storytelling, and where most other animation stories call it a day after throwing together a group of goofy talking animals, Pixar will make most viewers overly emotional. But SuperNntendoChlmers points out that their complex stories aren’t totally bulletproof.

The Redditor explains that in Toy Story, “Buzz thinks he’s real, so why does he suddenly drop dead as a toy when Andy or any adults come in the room?” This has been commonly talked about ever since the film’s release, and there could have been a simple line of dialogue in Lightyear that explained why, but it’s one of the many opportunities that the 2022 movie missed.

Looper (2012)

Of all the time travel movies that have ever been released, Looper has one of the most unique time travel concepts, as the device isn’t used by mad scientists, the government, or superheroes, but gangsters. But it also makes the least amount of sense of all the films in the sci-fi subgenre too.

Kthranos is the first to refer to the movie, noting, “Looper is a very entertaining movie, but nothing about the time travel makes any sense whatsoever” The 2012 film doesn’t waste any time explaining how time travel works, which causes a lot of questions. But, in fairness, if it did attempt to make sense of the paradoxical concept, it probably would have led to even more plotholes.

Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

Every consecutive Star Wars movie further skews the franchise’s timeline and creates more and more plotholes. As the universe is so expansive, it’s almost unavoidable. But while fans will ridicule the sequels for this to no end, the very first movie has one of the most glaring plotholes in the series.

Darkdoppelganger points out, “It is established that people ‘strong with the Force’ can sense others with the same power. Vader never senses his daughter when he’s interrogating her on the Death Star or when he’s torturing her on Bespin.” Given that there’s so much Star Wars-related material, there might be some non-canonical book that explains why, but it still ruins the scene for fans once they notice it.

Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Spider-Man: No Way Home has become one of the biggest superhero movies of all time, grossing almost $12 billion worldwide (as reported by Box Office Mojo). But while it has quickly become a fan favorite MCU movie, it’s hard to overlook an obvious plothole. Primetime22 was one of many to realize that Doctor Octopus’ malicious actions don’t make any sense.

The Redditor explains, “He knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and wants to kill him. But in Spider-Man 2, he only learns that Peter is Spider-Man after he turns good. He even remembers his sacrifice?” As the 2021 movie explains that the villains were pulled from their universes right before they died, Octavius should have been a good guy. Nevertheless, he was still the standout character in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The Hateful Eight (2015)

wBuddha thinks The Hateful Eight has “a hole big enough to drive a train through.” The Redditor explained that Major Warren explains in great detail how he was right about every character in the haberdashery, but he failed to point anything out until the place erupted in gunfire. It would have saved a lot of bloodshed, and this commonly happens in Quentin Tarantino-directed movies.

Tarantino’s characters often do things that they know will cause a massacre and even result in their own deaths. The same happens in Django Unchained, as Dr. Schultz caused a shootout after killing Calvin Candie, and a man that smart must have known what that would have led to. It’s almost as if Tarantino does things just so audiences are treated to a huge shootout, but with the exciting way he films them, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Fight Club (1999)

There’s no denying that Fight Club requires some suspension of disbelief, as everything from making soap from human fat and selling it in department stores to every cop in the city being part of terrorist organization Project Mayhem is pretty unbelievable. But that’s a much easier pill to swallow when understanding that the film takes place in a fantastical world.

However, even then, the plothole that UnsaidRnD brings up is extremely hard to ignore. The Redditor points out, “In Fight Club, the first guy couldn’t have fought himself in a parking lot and conveyed the message he did, making others follow his example.” On top of that, nobody would ever follow the lead of a man who is literally beating himself up.

Gravity (2013)

Though Gravity looks incredible and is an absolute achievement in special effects, it’s completely scientifically inaccurate despite being confident with the science it presents. Many think that the opening scene ruins the movie, as it didn’t accurately depict velocity. But Fruitporridge takes issue with the ending and posits that it’s one giant plothole.

The final act sees Ryan Stone re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere after being lost in space, and somehow manages to land safely in a lake. The Redditor explains, “Coming into the earth’s atmosphere that hot will kill a human being.” The film might be bookended with two completely inaccurate sequences, but the 80 minutes in between them is an intense thrill ride.

Alien (1979)

Dove_of_Doom notes that as great as Alien is, it has one glaring plothole. The user comments, “The Nostromo has a crew of seven. Its escape shuttle, the Narcissus, can only take four crewmembers, which is why they can’t abandon ship when a monster onboard starts picking them off one by one.

But the Redditor also finds a plausible explanation for the plothole, mentioning that it could have been a purposeful decision made by Weyland-Yutani to discourage the crew from abandoning the cargo. However, while the Alien franchise is steeped in fascinating and detailed lore, that’s quite a stretch. It was most likely simply an oversight made by director Ridley Scott and crew.

Kong: Skull Island (2017)

The epic sunset shot in Kong: Skull Island was taken advantage of in the marketing campaign and has become iconic. And it’s essentially a huge homage to Apocalypse Now, which features almost the exact same shot, only without the giant ape. But for as great as it is and everything it represents, it creates a huge plothole.

This Reddit user notes, “It’s established that Skull Island has a permanent, violent storm encircling it at all times, that’s why it’s almost impossible to explore/map.” A point is made in the movie that the characters simply have to pray that they survive the storm when flying through it, but the clear-as-day giant ape in front of the orange setting sun massively contradicts that.

Citizen Kane (1941)

The entirety of Citizen Kane is about Kane’s acquaintances attempting to figure out what his last words were, and while it makes for one of the first ever plot twists in cinema history, Real_Paramdeic_1789 argues that it’s inherently flawed.

The Redditor ruins the film for everyone, noting, “In Citizen Kane, everyone goes crazy trying to figure out what rosebud means. No one actually heard Kane say ‘rosebud.’ That’s a plot hole.” However, fans of the movie are polarized by the plothole, as many argue that the butler heard Kane say “rosebud,” even though he wasn’t close enough to hear it.

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