10 Cheesy Action-Romance Movies to Watch with Your Friends

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10 Cheesy Action-Romance Movies to Watch with Your Friends

Cheesy action-romance movies have a weird pull to them. Add a goofy bag of friends to the mix, and you’re guaranteed to have a ball. The corny one-liners, mixed with logic-defying action sequences, often turn the quietest of friends into impromptu stand-up comics, enjoying a shared basking in a shared sense of stupidity. It’s in such moments that scenes turn into memories and dialogues turn into inside jokes, only existing for the members of the particular group. Here are some films for you to watch with your group of friends that are guaranteed to take your watch party to the next level.



10 Ghosted (2023)

Apple TV+

Falling in love with a girl only to find out that she’s a secret agent, all within the span of a few dates, is something that can only happen in movies. Gunning on the Gen-Z concept of “ghosting”, director Dexter Fletcher’s film adds a unique spin to a phenomenon that most young people have faced at some point in their lives. Ghosted boasts of a glamorous star cast with the likes of Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, and Adrien Brody, and has no lack of illogical action sequences or corny romantic conjecture.

9 Knight and Day (2010)

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in Knight and Day
20th Century Fox

A classic serving of love in the midst of chaos, Knight and Day works predominantly on Tom Cruise’s charm, Cameron Diaz’s grace, and director James Mangold’s abandonment of logic. The film plays on the conventional tropes of a hyper-competent super-spy who’s thrown into the thick of things, murky enough to drown a demigod, let alone a human being. Within such an extensive framework of illogical action sequences, the only thing consistent in the film is top drawer foolery, making it an ideal film to watch with friends.

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8 Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Summit Entertainment

Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s vanilla-wedded bliss is shattered when they both find out a dark secret about each other: both of them are elite assassins working for rival organizations. Things take a chaotic turn when they are tasked with killing their respective spouses by their organization, causing a cocktail of spicy romantic fissures, punctuated by high-intensity action sequences.

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7 Wild at Heart (1990)

Cage and Dern - Wild at Heart
The Samuel Goldwyn Company 

David Lynch’s twisted take on a fairy tale road movie sees Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern star as young lovers Sailor and Lula on the run from Lula’s witch-like mother. Like with most of Lynch’s work, there’s a surreal sense of absurdity throughout the film, overly emphasizing the violent and sexual nature of love. All in all, Wild at Heart is the opposite of a brain-dead action movie and requires a lot of mental investment, while it offers moments of hilarious comic relief along with an abundance of artistic oeuvre.

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6 Allied (2016)

Brad Pitt and Marion Cottilard in Allied
Paramount Pictures

Allied is another example of the genre feud between two high level operatives working in the same field. Set against a backdrop of WWII, operatives Max and Marianne, fall in love only to realize a dark secret about their marriage and patriotic loyalties. Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard share brilliant chemistry in the film, which automatically manifests itself in an abundance of sensuality, generously garnished with action sequences. Apparently, the actor’s chemistry seeped into life off-screen, resulting in a confrontation between Pitt’s then-partner, Angelina Jolie, and Marion Cottilard.

5 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Cera and Elizabeth-Winstead
Universal Pictures

For most comic book aficionados, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World comes as nothing short of a bible. Due to it being adapted from a graphic novel of the same name, the entire treatment of the film plays out with hyper-exaggerated visuals and loud over-the-top VFX. If you’re in the mood for a romantic story rooted in a world of loud action garnished with corny dialogues, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World should definitely be on your list.

4 First Love (2019)

A still from First Love
Toei (Japan)

Takashi Miike’s 2019 film serves as a free for all between the Yakuza, the Chinese mafia, and one sole boxer. The film is a dizzying replica of a visual arcade where bullets fly and heads roll, told with the fast-paced slur of a manic alcoholic. First Love makes for perfect party viewing, with numerous plot twists and turns operating on its own footprint of violence and anarchy.

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3 Baby Driver (2017)

Baby Driver movie in the car mirror
Sony Pictures

Baby Driver is one of the most successful marriages between action and romance, giving equal weight to both genres, while not losing on the entertainment quotient. Ansel Elgort plays a Stoic, reserved getaway driver who wants to escape from his crime-filled job after he falls for a restaurant waitress. The film has ample moments of Edgar Wright’s visually stylistic brilliance, and is generously complimented by watershed performances by John Hamm and Jamie Foxx.

2 Fallen Angels (1995)

Fallen Angels
Block 2 Pictures

Wong Kar Wai’s Fallen Angels is a surprise entry in the list. When we think of cheese, Wong Kar Wai’s films are the last thing that comes to mind. But when looked at from a closer angle, that definition is challenged. On the surface level, Fallen Angels does come across as a cheesy film that revolves around a hitman who falls in love with his partner, only to be disappointed and dead towards the end. But Fallen Angels isn’t the conventional, supermarket kind of cheese, rather it’s a more artistic and gourmet version of it.

1 True Romance (1993)

True Romance
Warner Bros. Entertainment 

True Romance’s plot has Quentin Tarantino’s stylistic extension written all over it. Credited with writing the film along with Roger Avary, True Romance gift wraps Tarantino’s favorite themes, such as sex, drugs, and violence, and presents them in bulk to the audience. The film boasts an all-star cast of the who’s who in Hollywood, and is one heck of a rollercoaster that’s best enjoyed with friends during a watch party.

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