10 Best Songs From Non-Disney Animated Movies

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10 Best Songs From Non-Disney Animated Movies


While Disney animated movies are known for their songs, there are plenty of non-Disney films whose songs are even more enchanting. The tunes in these movies are so moving that audiences will want to listen to them time and time again. The music in these movies shows that Disney is not the only company that can produce great movie musicals.

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Many of the songs in non-Disney animated movies could stand up to, or even surpass Disney at its prime, yet these are the few that stand out. Not only are the melodies charming, but the lyrics pull at the heartstrings of audience members. There is no doubt that these songs are some of the best in animation.

10 “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” Is A Freeing Tune

Cats Don’t Dance

Cats Don’t Dance is a fun look into the world of show business as seen through the eyes of animals. Sawyer and Danny are two cats who hope to make it big in the spotlight, but their dreams have been hampered by a human girl, Darla Dimple, stealing the show.

However, at the end of the movie, Darla finally gets her comeuppance, and Danny and Sawyer take to the stage – dancing and singing their hearts out to “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.” The song is powerful in its delivery as the cats and all the other animals take to the stage, while Darla tries (and fails) to sabotage their performance. It is an empowering and toe-tapping tune that fans love.

9 “It’s Tough To Be A God” Sarcastically Portrays Deities

The Road To El Dorado

The Road to El Dorado is an adventurous movie about two con men who stumble upon a fabled city of gold. Though they initially plan to take some gold and run, the two are welcomed as actual deities – a belief they then exploit.

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Miguel and Tulio then participate in a festival held in their honor, where they sing, “It’s Tough To Be A God.” Throughout the tune, the two men sarcastically sing about the “hardships” of being idolized. It is a fun and colorful song that is sure to get audiences out of their seats and dancing.

8 “Looking Through Your Eyes” Shows Love Through Differing Perspectives

Quest For Camelot

Quest for Camelot is a harrowing tale of a young woman named Kayley hoping to take her father’s place as a knight of the round table. However, expected gender roles and a political coup stand in her way, forcing her into an adventure through the forest.

There, she meets a blind man named Garrett who teaches her the importance of listening. The two fall in love and sing “Looking Through Your Eyes,” a ballad about how they see the world differently. The tune is heartwarming and romantic, making audience members swoon.

7 “Far Longer Than Forever” Is A Passionate Confession Of Love

The Swan Princess

“Far Longer Than Forever” is a passionate song from The Swan Princess. The song is a duet between Princess Odette and Prince Derek as they profess how long they will love each other.

The song is a loving yet heartbreaking ballad, as the two protagonists are separated, yet still long for each other. The earnest way the two profess their undying love for each other is sweet and powerful. Each note of this wonderful song is sure to put viewers in the mind of romance.

6 “A Spark Inside Us” Is A Courageous Anthem

The Princess and the Goblin

With so many sinister creatures lurking through the dark forest, the only way to hold them all back is to sing in the movie, The Princess and the Goblin. Fortunately, Curdie’s dad taught him a courageous and powerful song that keeps the creatures at bay.

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“A Spark Inside Us” is a triumphant song about the power inside of everyone. The strong and heartfelt melody not only scares away goblins but also imbues its singer with much-needed confidence. It is a song best sung at the top of one’s lungs.

5 “Remains Of The Day” Shows How Fun The Afterlife Can Be

Corpse Bride

“Remains of the Day” is the dark and fun song from the ghostly tale, Corpse Bride. The tune’s jazzy rhythms put audiences in the mood to dance, while the lyrics tell the fate of the titular bride.

Though the song weaves a tragic tale, it is so catchy that fans cannot help but sing along. No one will be seated when they hear the tale of the “jubiliciously lovely corpse bride.”

4 “Let Me Be Your Wings” Is A Romantic Promise


Thumbelina is the story of a tiny young woman who dreams of finding people like her. Her dreams come true when a handsome fairy prince arrives at her windowsill. The two are instantly charmed by one another, but Thumbelina cannot go away with him, since she has no wings. Prince Cornelius then sings the uplifting song, “Let Me Be Your Wings.”

The song is both romantic and touching. Through the lyrics, Cornelius proclaims that he will always be by Thumbelina’s side no matter what. The song is used as a theme throughout the movie that always calls back to Cornelius’s promise – even when the two are separated for a time.

3 “Once Upon A December” Evokes Haunting Memories


“Once Upon a December” is a beautifully haunting song that Anya (Anastasia) sings as she walks through the ruins of the royal palace. As she sings, Anya gets the feeling that she has seen the place before and describes the images coming to mind in Anastasia.

“Once Upon a December” is an almost ghostly song that speaks to the life that once filled the palace. The memories that Anya is seeing are pale and intangible – a sensation that is wonderfully captured in the song. This is easily one of the best musical numbers in any animated show.

2 “Deliver Us” Is A Desperate Supplication

The Prince Of Egypt

The Prince of Egypt is the biblical tale of the story of Moses put to animation. The entire movie is a sweeping epic that begins with the pleading song, “Deliver Us.”

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This song not only serves as the expositional force for the audience, but also as a cry for help from the enslaved Israelites. The music is driving and heartbreaking as it shows their plight. Plus, when Moses’s mother comes in with her solo, it makes the song even more heartbreaking.

1 “The Last Unicorn” Is A Beautiful Opening

The Last Unicorn

“The Last Unicorn” is the ethereal opening of the animated feature, The Last Unicorn. The wistful song accurately captures the loneliness and longing the last unicorn feels – especially after she discovers love.

While many viewers today may not remember this iconic movie, it is one they should not pass by – especially where this opening theme is concerned. The tune is so arresting that it will float around in audiences’ minds long after the movie is over. It is a beautiful reminder of the pain and beauty of love and nature.

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