Yogi govt to involve celebrities, top players, gurus in yoga promotion

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Yogi govt to involve celebrities, top players, gurus in yoga promotion

Jun 10, 2023 17:41 IST

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], June 10 (ANI): Ahead of Ninth International Yoga Day, the Uttar Pradesh government plans to organise yoga camps and various programs across the state, and to involve influencers and celebrities for the purpose of ensuring their successful execution and widespread publicity in line with the theme of ‘Har Ghar-Aangan Yoga’.
“Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has already given instructions regarding organizing group yoga exercises and other programs across the state on Yoga Day to be held on June 21. Celebrities, well-known athletes, yoga gurus, and well-known members of cultural establishments will work with these programs as collaborators and influencers in order to spread awareness of the value of daily yoga practice among the general public,” the official statement said.
“The Yoga Week will be organized on a large scale in the entire state for a week from June 15 to 21,” it stated. the official statement said.
All media platforms, including social media, will work together on the ninth International Day of Yoga to spread awareness of the mass yoga exercises and other programs being held all over the state.
It further stated the unique aspect is that combined yoga practice will be prioritized at tourist destinations associated with the state’s ancient culture, historical sites, banks of significant rivers, lakes, ponds, and all Amrit Sarovar, as well as locations rich in scenic beauty. In addition, video links of the Common Yoga Protocol are also proposed to be disseminated for the convenience and awareness of the general public

During Yoga Week in the state, large-scale group yoga practice programs will be organized at all the district headquarters. Daily group yoga sessions will also take place at the same time from 6 to 8 am in public parks. In addition to this, extensive yoga programs will be held on the vast university campus.
“Major universities, colleges, and school colleges in the state will also host yoga-related seminars and workshops on topics such as the application of yoga to modern lifestyles, stress and mental trauma management, elocution competitions, Rangoli/poster competitions, essay writing competitions, slogan writing competitions, and speech competitions,” it further stated.
At the conclusion of the weeklong programs, certificates will be given to the students. Smooth arrangements will also be made to distribute fruits and sweets to the students taking part in the main program of joint yoga practice on June 21, it further read.
As per the statement, local public representatives will participate in a number of Yoga Week programs in order to increase awareness of these events, ensure their smooth operation, and establish a visible presence in the community. All ministers have been instructed by CM Yogi to participate in these programs being organized in the districts under their charge.
“The main function of June 21 will be organized in all 58,000-gram panchayats and 762 urban bodies. In all the 14,000 wards of the state, places will be marked for yoga practice through councillors. At the same time, voluntary organizations, health and wellness centers, religious, and social organizations, yoga institutes, NCC cadets, scouts and guides and NSS volunteers will be associated with Yoga Day,” the statement read.
While on June 20, a special campaign for cleanliness will be launched by the Department of Urban Development, Rural Development, and Panchayati Raj in coordination with local educational institutions. In view of the security of the program sites, continuous patrolling of the police force will also be ensured. (ANI)

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