Women interviewing for jobs in Bill Gates’ office asked about sexual history

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Women interviewing for jobs in Bill Gates’ office asked about sexual history

Women seeking jobs in the private office of Microsoft founder Bill Gates were reportedly asked sexually explicit questions as part of the vetting process.

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Former job applicants interviewed for job opportunities at Gates Ventures say they were asked questions such as whether they had “danced for dollars,” contracted sexually transmitted diseases or used drugs in the past , all of which were routine matters, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The job interviews were reportedly conducted by Concentric Advisors, a company hired by Gates Ventures.

The WSJ report notes that the inappropriate questions were asked in an attempt to weed out any potential employees who could blackmail or exploit Gates. It is not known when the women were interviewed for jobs or how many sexually explicit questions were asked.

In a statement to Daily Maila Gates Ventures spokesperson said the company’s hiring process is conducted “with the utmost respect for each and every applicant, with a zero-tolerance policy for all participants, including service providers, who violate this principle.”

“Furthermore, any implication of any connection between Bill Gates’ personal history and an independent background check process identical for men and women is outrageous,” the spokesperson concluded.

The Daily Mail Concentric Advisors denied that female applicants were treated differently from male applicants.

The company said that sexually explicit questions are not part of the usual screening process and that applicants are free to talk or not talk about their personal history.

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