Shah Rukh Khan Rules UK Box Office

Jawan Advance Booking

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Rukh Khan
  • Jawan enjoys robust advance bookings for the extended opening weekend: The film “Jawan” is experiencing exceptionally strong advance bookings leading up to its extended opening weekend. This indicates a high level of anticipation and interest among the audience, setting the stage for a potentially successful release.
  • Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan records impressive ticket sales at major chains: “Jawan,” starring Shah Rukh Khan, has achieved remarkable success in terms of ticket sales at prominent cinema chains. This underscores the movie’s broad appeal and commercial potential.
  • Jawan dominates the UK Box Office, surpassing Pathaan in advance bookings: “Jawan” has established its supremacy at the UK Box Office by surpassing the advance bookings of “Pathaan,” another notable film. This demonstrates Shah Rukh Khan’s enduring popularity and the movie’s strong draw among UK audiences.
  • Jawan aims to outpace War in advance bookings at national chains: The film is striving to outperform “War” in terms of advance bookings at major national cinema chains. This competition showcases the film’s potential to become a blockbuster.
  • Jawan sets new records in Kerala, surpassing Pathaan’s pre-sales: In the state of Kerala, “Jawan” is achieving record-breaking pre-sales figures, surpassing the previous best set by “Pathaan.” This achievement underscores the movie’s exceptional appeal in the region.
  • International markets show strong pre-sales for Jawan, aiming to top Pathaan: “Jawan” is making significant strides in international markets with strong pre-sales, and it has its sights set on surpassing the pre-sales of “Pathaan,” indicating its potential for global success.
  • Historic 5 am show for Jawan in Bihar, fast filling up: The film has made history by hosting a 5 am screening in Bihar, and this early show is rapidly filling up, creating excitement and anticipation among early-morning moviegoers in the region.
  • Jawan aims to surpass Gadar and Pathaan in MovieMax’s advance bookings: The film “Jawan” is striving to outdo both “Gadar” and “Pathaan” in terms of advance bookings at the popular cinema chain MovieMax, potentially setting a new record.
  • Jawan climbs to the 6th spot in national chain advance bookings: “Jawan” has achieved the sixth position in terms of all-time advance bookings at national cinema chains, highlighting its strong demand and popularity among audiences.
  • Jawan surpasses Gadar 2’s advance bookings in Miraj: “Jawan” has already exceeded the advance bookings of “Gadar 2” in Miraj, one of India’s largest multiplex chains, indicating its growing fan base.
  • Jawan secures the 7th spot in all-time advance bookings, poised for the top 3: The film “Jawan” has secured the seventh position in the list of all-time advance bookings, and it is well-positioned to potentially break into the top three, underlining its potential to become a record-breaking blockbuster.

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