Women claim Bill Gates’ office asked pointed questions in interviews

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Women claim Bill Gates’ office asked pointed questions in interviews

In a deeply disturbing revelation, the job interview process for top jobs has taken a disturbing turn as female candidates say they were subjected to intrusive and highly inappropriate questions about their personal lives.

These women have endured a barrage of sensitive inquiries, delving into explicit details about their sexual history and personal affairs.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, women who applied for positions in Bill Gates’ personal office were asked about their sexual history, drug use and other personal aspects of their lives during the interview process.

The report states that Concentric Advisors, a security consulting firm responsible for conducting background checks and interviewing applicants for jobs at Gates Ventures, questioned multiple women about their personal lives during the hiring process.

The Wall Street Journal indicated that only female job applicants in Gates’ private office reported these questions.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Concentric Advisors interviewed female candidates who disclosed that they were asked inappropriate and highly personal questions during the hiring process.

These questions included inquiries about extramarital affairs, possession of nude images on their cell phones, pornography preferences, and past involvement in activities such as dancing for money.

Embarrassingly, one candidate was even asked if she had ever contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

In response to these allegations, a Gates Ventures spokesperson said they were not aware of Concentric Advisors asking such questions during background checks.

However, the spokesperson emphasized that this line of questioning would be considered unacceptable and in violation of Gates Ventures’ agreement with the contractor.

“We have never received any information from any seller or interviewee in our 15+ year history that inappropriate questions were asked during the vetting process,” she said.

“We can confirm that after a thorough review of our records, no job offers have been revoked based on information of this nature.”

A Gates Ventures spokesman said contractors must adhere to pre-employment screening laws and comply with state and federal regulations.

A spokesperson for Concentric Advisors denied allegations that such questions were asked during interviews with prospective employees.

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Candidates who were asked these questions believed that the interviewers were trying to obtain information that could be used for extortion, given their close working relationship with Gates.

The Concentric spokesperson mentioned that their security checks assess an applicant’s veracity and vulnerability to extortion, usually based on voluntary statements provided by the applicant and subsequent follow-up questions from company interviewers.

However, candidates interviewed by the WSJ claim they did not volunteer the sensitive information they were asked about and had to pass the company’s assessment to secure the job.


A consent form seen by the WSJ revealed that the behavioral assessment conducted to assess fitness for work covered topics such as drug and alcohol use, medical history and psychiatric history.

Candidates who signed the agreement gave permission to share their results with Gates’ personal office, including highly sensitive information.

However, re-disclosure of sexually transmitted diseases was prohibited.

In another report, the WSJ mentioned that Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced financier who died by suicide while facing federal charges, had threatened to expose Gates in 2017 for an alleged affair with Russian bridge player Mila Antonova.

Microsoft is investigating Bill Gates over a long-standing affair with an employee that came to light in 2019.


As a result of this investigation, Gates decided to step down from Microsoft’s board, expressing his desire to shift his focus to philanthropic endeavors.

In response to the ongoing background check process, a spokesman for Gates strongly denied any insinuations linking his personal history to the ongoing investigation.

They described such proposals as baseless, unsubstantiated and downright outrageous. The statement denied any connection between Gates’ personal affairs and the ongoing scrutiny.

(Indiatimes could not independently verify the veracity of the news)

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