Which celebrities support Newcastle United

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Which celebrities support Newcastle United


Newcastle United have had some incredibly famous supporters over the years, such is the City’s nature of producing celebrities. And now that they are one of the richest clubs in the world, we could even see their list of celebrity fans grow even more.

Meanwhile, the usual suspects are more than likely to stick around, and perhaps finally see their side lift some silverware. With the money now available to compete at the top, the A-listers who are usually watching on, may well find themselves supporting an A-list club.

With that said, we’ve listed Newcastle United’s most famous fans, via Newcastle World.

10) Brian Davis (True Geordie) 

Brian Davis, or, as many know him, True Geordie, rose to fame because of his support for Newcastle United, after a famous rant about Nile Ranger went viral.

Now, 1.98 million subscribers later, he is one of the best podcasters around, interviewing legendary wrestler Chris Jericho, as well as Shawn Michaels before that, along with figures from across sport and even the world of acting and comedy.

True Geordie has also got himself heavily involved with the YouTube boxing scene, and is one of the most popular YouTubers out there.

When he’s not making videos, he’s watching the Magpies.

9) Gabby Logan 

Whilst studying at Durham University, Gabby Logan could not help but become a Newcastle fan.

Now a TV presenter on the likes of BBC Sport, however, we rarely get to see the Magpie-fan version of her, as she remains a neutral onlooker instead.

We’re sure that, outside of broadcasting, she remains an avid Newcastle fan.

But she’s very busy, so she’s rarely seen at games these days.

8) Brian Johnson 

AC/DC legend Brian Johnson very nearly invested in Newcastle United, such was the extent of his love for the club.

Of course, that investment never came to fruition, but Johnson is likely amongst those incredibly relieved to see the Magpies as one of the richest clubs in world football these days.

He remains one of the most iconic musicians of his generation and is a Magpie through and through.

He’s undoubtedly one of the most famous Newcastle fans out there.

7) Tony Blair 

As it turns out, former Prime Minister Tony Blair is an avid Newcastle United fan, and has, in fact, been attending matches regularly.

Now a fair distance away from politics, Blair will hope to be able to enjoy any potential success that the Magpies have in the coming seasons, whilst in attendance.

Of course, he was PM back when Labour were in power, although that feels like a distant memory for many of us.

He’s likely more invested in Newcastle than politics right now.

6) James Bay 

You’ve only got one life, and James Bay has not let his love for Newcastle United go over the years, even if his time as a fan has left some scars.

With any hope, the new era at St James’ Park will make his wild love for the club grow even more, as they start running towards greater ambitions in the coming season.

It’s no surprise, though, that the majority of his music is pretty sad.

Maybe the takeover will lead to some more upbeat tunes in the next few years.

5) Sting 

Another famous singer on this list, Sting could be amongst other famous fans to host what would be some concert at St James’ Park.

His message in a bottle for the club would likely be to take advantage of their newfound riches, and turn the hallowed turf of St James’ Park into fields of gold, starting with next season.

He’ll be absolutely delighted with the way the Magpies are playing this season under Eddie Howe.

It doesn’t get much better.

4) Sam Fender 

We did say that Newcastle’s celebrity supporters could put on a good concert. Sam Fender was amongst fellow Geordies partying all night long when the takeover was announced at the start of the year.

The fact is, though, the Magpies are only just getting started, and that sound of success looks increasingly likely to come one day.

We know Fender is a huge fan, having previously geeked out after meeting Alan Shearer.

You couldn’t get a more passionate Newcastle fan.

3) Cheryl

Whether it is Cheryl Cole, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, or Cheryl as it is now, one thing you can never take out of the famous singer, is her association with, and, therefore, support for Newcastle United.

The Geordie-born star has become incredibly famous, but has still managed to keep hold of what is a famous accent.

It’s quite surprising that she’s still a fan, having previously married Ashley Cole, who played for the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal, but we admire her commitment.

2) Chris Eubank 

It’s always good to have someone like Chris Eubank on your side, and, luckily for Newcastle United, they do, with the former boxing champion apparently a supporter of the side.

We somehow doubt many would choose to argue his viewpoints about the club, given the power of his punch.

Of course, his son is now the one regularly stepping into the ring, giving Eubank Sr. the chance to enjoy watching the Magpies.

1) Ant & Dec 

Ant & Dec are like royalty in Newcastle, and have been for several years.

They are arguably the most famous names on this list, and some of the biggest fans of the club. If anyone would love for the Magpies to become a force to be reckoned with, it’s the TV duo.

Of course, they’re one of the most famous presenting duos of all time, and they’re regularly seen at St James’ Park.

They bleed black and white.


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