When machines become writers, writers should turn into fashion designers, ET BrandEquity

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When machines become writers, writers should turn into fashion designers, ET BrandEquity

The best way to approach content creation is to be more like a fashion designer than a traditional writer.

It is quite an old story and something that some could relate to. I went to a restaurant where I met my apparel doppelganger. She was wearing the same dress as mine. Well, It was quite awkward, we smiled at each other and I left the restaurant. This seldom happens when we choose a factory-made assembly-line produced cloned product. They will all be the same and this is what could also happen when everyone starts using machines to do the writing. While it is ok to use standard machine generated content for emails, something like a blog, speech, letter, even books would need a personal touch and a non-robotic voice.

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I have been coming across many articles, interviews about how from staff to CEOs, everyone is using ChatGPT to produce content. The first question that came to my mind was: In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent especially in the area of content creation, it is natural to wonder whether relying too heavily on machine generated writing could lead to a loss of individuality and creativity. After all, if everyone is using the same tools and models to create their content, won’t everything start to sound the same?

The answer to that question depends on the situation. When responding to business emails it makes absolute sense to carry a formal and standard tone. However, sometimes it is important to bring individuality.

There are varied views around the increasing popularity of ChatGPT and the future of content and content writers. The fact of life is that while it is true that AI-generated content can lack the distinctive touch and unique perspective that actual writers can bring, it is also true that these tools can be incredibly useful in terms of boosting productivity and efficiency.

The best way to approach content creation is to be more like a fashion designer than a traditional writer. In the world of fashion, the goal is often to take existing trends and styles and put a unique spin on them, creating something that feels fresh and exciting. Similarly, content creators can use AI-generated content as a starting point, but then add their own unique voice and perspective.

The key to this approach is to think beyond simply regurgitating the same facts and ideas that everyone else is writing about. Content creators should focus on finding a unique angle or perspective that sets their work apart from the rest. Whether it is a particular tone or writing style, a focus on a specific niche or industry, or a willingness to tackle controversial or under-discussed topics or create a fusion of approaches, there are countless ways to infuse content with the kind of individuality and creativity that will make it stand out.

By treating content creation more like a creative endeavour than a mechanical one, it is possible to turn the banal machine-generated content into an opportunity to create something totally unique and original.

Writing is an art and content is a product. Every art needs a touch of individuality, different strokes, shades of thoughts and a content needs to be tailor-made and packaged to sell/speak for itself. The text can be wrapped around tables/visualizations, images, and snippets, embellished further with famous quotes from a known leader. I love adding quotes and attributes.

In the post-GPT world, where everyone will be using machine-generated content, only personalization and creativity will help writers build their brand and identity.

So, in the end, it is not a question of whether machine generated content is good or bad. It is the near future. Unfortunately, I am also coming across a few posts where companies are replacing content writers with editors. High time that content creators become designers.

ChatGPT is the start of the revolution, and we will come across a multitude of AI-based tools in the near future. The bottom line is all these are just tools or simple machines – something that reduces force and helps us do our jobs better. I dabbled with GPT 2 in 2021, when I was

working on a project to summarise a 500-word press release into 156 characters. I experienced the power of Deep Learning, this was much beyond Machine Learning.

The key to success in the post-AI world of content creation is to approach the content with a creative mindset, and to use the tools that are at our disposal to create something which is much more valuable. Because this is all about finding the right balance between the two. Or the fusion fashion bringing contemporary and conventional together.

Machines can take a second to write a speech on the government. But only creative writers can use critical thinking to see the connection between Plato’s belief with the Keynesian theory about the role of government, and bring the perspective into the content.

  • Published On Jun 13, 2023 at 08:30 AM IST

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