Tiger Shroff rocks an elephant-print bomber with white pants

Tiger Shroff

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Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff’s style journey, from his debut in “Heropanti” to today, is truly remarkable. He started as a fresh-faced rookie and quickly transformed into a fashion-forward icon. Initially, he favored casual and sporty attire, emphasizing comfort to showcase his impressive physique. However, as his career progressed, he ventured into edgier and more fashionable looks, incorporating statement pieces like leather jackets and distressed jeans. Today, Tiger’s style effortlessly blends athleisure and high fashion, showcasing his remarkable style evolution. He has come a long way indeed.

Tiger Shroff dons a stylish jacket.Tiger Shroff wears a dapper jacket

Tiger Shroff’s newfound fascination with jackets promises a stylish adventure ahead! His latest choice is the captivating “Elephant Parade Bomber in Black” by Khanijo. Featuring a zip fastening and a striking grid pattern print that spans the entire jacket, it’s an absolute head-turner. The combination of boxes and elephants creates a unique and intriguing design. The chalk and charcoal colors add a touch of sophistication to this effortlessly chic garment made from cotton jersey fabric, ensuring both comfort and style. Tiger Shroff, once again, showcases his fashion icon status by seamlessly blending bold designs with his signature composure.

If you’re ready to make a fashion statement, take a page from Tiger’s book and confidently sport this Elephant Parade Bomber.

Tiger Shroff effortlessly pulls off a remarkable jacket priced at Rs 14,500, turning heads wherever he goes. His choice is nothing short of stunning, and he has the knack for making it stand out. Pairing it with white trousers, Tiger boldly showcases his style aspirations. But he doesn’t stop at that; he elevates the look further with a captivating silver chain. And don’t forget the pendant – it features a star etching, adding a touch of sublime allure, beautifully blending high-end pieces with his distinctive personal style.undefined

Creating the perfect fashion moment requires a dream team, and in the case of the Heropanti actor, a stellar style squad was at work to craft his breathtaking appearance. The talented duo of Trisha Sarang Sathaye and Anisha Jain collaborated to curate an ensemble that left us all in awe. Every detail, from the exquisite jacket to the pristine white trousers, was thoughtfully selected to compose a fashion masterpiece. And let’s not forget Tiger’s signature tousled, curly hair, impeccably styled by the remarkable Amit Yashwant.

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