When I joined BFC, Sunil Chhetri was the first person to meet me, recalls Udanta Singh

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When I joined BFC, Sunil Chhetri was the first person to meet me, recalls Udanta Singh

The winger will leave Bengaluru FC after spending nine years at the club.

Since the beginning of his football career, Udanta Singh has been a constant servant of Bengaluru FC. From his early years at the club when he blazed his magic in the I-League to establishing his name in the Indian Super League, Udanta’s journey has been sensational.

A player loved by the club and its fans, Udanta’s name could often be heard around the stands of the West Block Blues, who did not spare a second to appreciate the master class the player displayed.

But as all great journeys come to an end, Udanta’s time in Bengaluru has also reached its ultimatum and the player is set to leave this summer. He will join FC Goa as revealed by Khel Now in January. In a recent interview for BFC mediaUdanta traces his incredible journey with the club.

Here are some excerpts from the chat.

Traveling with Bengaluru FC

Having joined the club at the tender age of 17, Udanta Singh has learned a lot at the club and has grown immensely both as a team player and as an individual. Recalling his time at the club, Udanta shared how Bengaluru helped him become the player he is today.

“It was an amazing journey and I learned so much. I met so many coaches and players and was surrounded by the best people at the club. I came as a child, now I am an adult. So yes, when you join a club and when you feel in your heart, it automatically says this is my home and it’s easy to stay here,” Udanta exclaimed.

“I learned so much. And as a player you have to keep learning and it’s not easy. You didn’t spend your entire first half at BFC. It’s not easy to make a decision, it’s very difficult and first I just talked to my family, it’s time to move on.

They said, “Are you sure?” I said I should. This is football and you have to move on and think for yourself. I learned so much from them and it’s a different coach, a different mentality. And yes, I don’t have favorites. They are all favourites,” Udanta added, revealing how difficult it was to make the decision to leave the club.

On the influence of Sunil Chhetri

Sunil Chhetri and Udanta Singh have shared a special bond ever since the teenager arrived at the club. Their friendship can be witnessed on the field as well as the two had an amazing partnership in Bengaluru.

Speaking about the impact Chhetri had on him, Udanta said, “When I joined this club, he was the first player to meet me. As a kid and a young player you have to look up to your older players, so I look up to myself and yes, it was easy for me to join this club and I was happy.”

Top three moments of his career

Udanta also shared some of the best moments of his career so far. “Three moments. Firstly, I’ll pick the AFC Cup match against North Korea, it’s one of my best and secondly, the second leg against NorthEast United in the semi-final at home. We beat them 3-0, that’s second. Third, I will say Hero Super Cup, the first Super Cup against Gokulam Kerala we beat them in the last minute 3-1.”

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