What’s The Jellyfishing Fashion Trend?

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What’s The Jellyfishing Fashion Trend?


We’ve all seen the bold and trendy jellyfish haircut on social media. Now, believe it or not, the jellyfish’s influence on how people present themselves doesn’t stop at hair; the jellyfishing fashion trend has officially entered the chat. As odd as this may sound, jellyfishing is a fun, stylish way to keep warm in the winter. “In general, when one wears a bigger, blousier, more voluminous top, I suggest a slimmer bottom to help balance proportion overall and allow us to see the person under the look, not just the clothing itself,” Stephanie Gisondi-Little, a personal stylist, told InStyle. In other words, jellyfishing can help you rock big, bold tops or coats without losing your figure because of the more figure-hugging bottoms — it’s all about balance and contrast.

The combination of a loose or voluminous top and tight bottoms resembles a jellyfish because those creatures are typically large and round on top with long, slim bottom pieces hanging down. So, by combining bold tops with leg-hugging bottoms, you’ll be mimicking the shape of a jellyfish. There are various ways to rock this fun look.

Puffy coats will keep you warm

Fashion enthusiasts often have different opinions on puffy coats. While some people think these big pieces are cute and cozy, others find them warm but unflattering. An easy way to make a puffer coat look more flattering is to wear it with leg-hugging pants or leggings. Skinny jeans are down but not out, and they’re perfect to pair with your biggest coat for the jellyfishing trend.

Rock an oversized hoodie and leggings

Why not explore a more streetwear-inspired spin on jellyfishing fashion? For casual, cool-girl energy, break out your favorite oversized hoodie, and wear it with a pair of leggings for an edgier spin on the jellyfish-inspired structure. This balanced combination will be ideal for fall or winter weather.

Wear a warm sweater and simple pants

Soft sweaters are perfect for helping you feel more comfortable on chilly days. Big, oversized sweaters are super cozy and will look great with leggings, jeans, jeggings, or tights. Furthermore, sweaters with loud patterns look chic with minimalistic bottoms. So, whichever sweater you wear next, pair it with sleek bottoms for jellyfish-inspired balance.

Try a puffy vest and figure-hugging pants

If puffy and oversized coats aren’t your vibe, consider wearing a warm vest instead as a fun alternative. The puffy yet sleeveless garment will still help you feel warm while making a stylish statement. Similar to coats, hoodies, and sweaters, vests pair well with figure-flattering bottoms, helping you add more contrast to your look.

Explore big scarves

This idea is a quirky spin on the jellyfishing trend, as it’s not about your outerwear or top. But if you love experimenting with oversized scarves, this is for you. Consider wearing your largest, most dramatic scarves with sleek, minimalistic pants. By doing so, your scarf will be the focal point of your ensemble, and your figure won’t get lost.

Have fun with ruffles

Blouses with ruffle details are beautiful and can be bold in a dainty way, so they’re ideal for the coquette aesthetic and the jellyfishing fashion trend. Since ruffles are dramatic and add volume to your top, you should let them be the standout aspect of your outfit. Thus, you should wear tops with ruffles with fitted bottoms to draw attention to the ruffles and avoid having too much going on at once.


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