What Hull was wearing in the 90s as seen in unearthed fashion shoot pics

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What Hull was wearing in the 90s as seen in unearthed fashion shoot pics

Fashion can represent the ultimate must-have garments for the forthcoming season, with the individual and collective items being to die for. However, it can also be fickle, short-lived and out of date very quickly.

The Body and Soul segment was published every Tuesday in the Hull Daily Mail, covering women’s topics such as fashion, health and tips. One of the main constituents of this publication was the weekly fashion shoot, which highlighted current fashion themes and trends, as well as what might be up and coming.

They also identified what was being stocked that season at some of the area’s top boutiques. Shoots covered garments from houses such as Dias of Hessle, Florence Amelia of Anlaby, Chantilly of Beverley, Beau Monde and the Hat Box.

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Clothing from Allders, Kathmandu, Rich Rags, Military and Western of Anlaby Road was also covered. They were modelled with success by combining garments to show not all fashionable items had to be from select boutiques.

Using some imagination, women’s editor Jo Davison showed how fashion can come from many different places, so long as you look for it. Here, after a scour through the archives, we revisit some of the clothing modelled at the time, in the early-to-mid-1990s, across the local area.

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For beautiful, historic images from the past have a look at memorylane.co.uk/ and see what you can discover.

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Queen’s Gardens was the location of this shoot with clothing from Allders, showing a sporty-casual look

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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Fashion separates from Allders

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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Different options for this bold, classical military styled outfit were being modelled at Princes Quay

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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An image from the Wet and Wild fashion feature, shot on the Hull Marina, with a very Mediterranean feel

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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Fashion choices helped by this BMW Isetta car

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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Warm, stylish knitwear being modelled for the forthcoming winter in November 1991, from Annie Hall Fashions of Beverley, modelled on North Bar Within

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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Julie Randerson (right) with Niki Rudd (left) modelling garments from Rich Rags of Anlaby Road

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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Fashions from the Hat Box, Saturday Market in Beverley, with pictures taken on Hengate

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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Allders clothing in Queen Victoria Square in July 1995. Not sure if these lines did well…

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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Anji Nair and Kay Hutchinson modelling outfits from Stefanel of Toll Gavel, Beverley, at the Ferens Art Gallery

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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Fashions from Chantilly of Beverley, from the fashion show at Scorborough Hall in aid of St. Leonards Church. Models were (from left-to-right) Lesley Galbraith, Margaret Clubley and Bunny Black

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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Tulips and daffodils at Tickton Grange provided the backdrop for future summer fashions from Tom Tom of Beverley, in April 1992

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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Beau Monde fashions being modelled at Hesslewood Hall during its days as a hotel and restaurant

(Image: Hull Daily Mail)

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