What celebrities were unmasked on The Masked Singer season 8 premiere?

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What celebrities were unmasked on The Masked Singer season 8 premiere?


The Masked Singer’s premiere saw the show debut its new format for Season 8 that promises to keep panelists and viewers guessing like they’ve never guessed before. The “King and Queen of The Masked Singer”-style competition allows only one celebrity contestant to advance to the next episode.

Viewers no longer have to wait to see which celebrity is under the outlandish costume, at least the losers that is. The singer or singers that lose in the elimination phase are unmasked then and there. But the identity of the loser in the final ‘Battle Royale’ remains a secret until the following week.

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Knight and Hedgehog unmasked of the Season 8 premiere

The first to be eliminated was Knight who crooned Fred Astaire’s ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’. The stage and TV actor put out a range of clues like the fact that he had worked with George Lucas. His clue package led the judges attention to a statue of a William Shakespeare statue, the solar system and a police badge.

The panel ventured that the Knight was David Hasselhoff, William Shatner, Jerry Springer and Weird Al Yankovic. Alas when the mask came off it was Capitan Kirk from Star Trek, William Shatner.

Hedgehog was eliminated next

Hedgehog’s clue package included a snake, a parrot, a guitar and a knight, the last being fitting as he’s a member of the Order of the British Empire. “I’m a part of one of the biggest groups of all time,” he teased and included among his famous fans Bradley Cooper, Elon Musk, Jimmy Fallon, Kate Beckinsale and Tina Fey.

After Hedgehog performed The Beatles’ ‘Love Me Do’, the judges toss out guesses of Elton John, Eric Idle, Bill Nighy and Ringo Starr. When the mask came off it was after all Idle from Monty Python.

Hummingbird is still an enigma

The identity of the runner-up for the Season 8 premiere, Hummingbird, won’t be known until next week. His clue package included a cowboy hat, a football cleat, a speaker, the score 71-00 and a Ring Pop. He teased the judges saying that was part of “a patriotic team that felt life family” and “together we dominated the Super Bowl.”

Hummingbird sang ‘I Don’t Wanna Be’ by Gavin DeGraw. The panelists guessed that he was Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Deion Sanders, Rob Thomas, Uncle Kracker and Chad Kroeger.

Harp advances to next episode

The first Queen of The Masked Singer was Harp whose identity won’t be known until she is knocked out of the running. In her teaser package she said as a teenager “I auditioned for the biggest show in the world.” However, although it was her dream she “didn’t fit the mold and was turned down.”

Despite being devastated she kept going and “became an idol for anyone who felt like an outsider.” Other clues given to the judges and audience were a pair of 3D glasses and a witch hat.

When asked to name the proudest accomplishment in her career Harp responded, “I think maybe the award I won for my acting,” Harp said. “No, no, no, no — actually, the one I won for my singing. Wait, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It’s probably the one for my comedy because I got to share that with my besties.”

She sang Pink’s ‘Perfect’ which panelist Nicole Scherzinger called a “beyond powerful” performance. Fantasia Barrino, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks and Queen Latifah were on the minds of the judges.


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