We Think These 10 Celebrities Would Make a Fantastic Coach on ‘The Voice’

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We Think These 10 Celebrities Would Make a Fantastic Coach on ‘The Voice’

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Without witty and authentic coaches, The Voice wouldn’t be the engaging competition series it is today. Spanning over a decade, the show never lacked superstar coaches from pop legends to soul music icons.

Despite the lineup of great talents featured on the coaching panel, we have always been open to new faces. We compiled a list of celebrities who we think would slay the role of a coach on The Voice. Let’s take a look at them.

10 Celebrities That Would Make a Fantastic The Voice Coach

1. Lady Gaga

An earnest tour de force in the music scene, Lady Gaga is not only a talented singer but an influential artist at most. The likes of Gaga is what exactly a neophyte singer needs for a mentor – bold, genuine, and creative. Her achievements alone can speak of her credibility as one of the best singers of her generation.

2. Harry Styles

With Grammy and Brit Awards under his belt, Harry Styles is no way unqualified to become a The Voice coach. With his quirky attitude and warm personality, Styles will do make an amazing coach for young artists. Plus, he pretty much knows how to play the game, given his experience on The X Factor.

3. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is perhaps one of the most versatile artists to ever grace the music industry. Mars’ musicality involves a wide variety of styles and influences including pop, rock, reggae, R&B, soul, and hip hop. Certainly, if he will become a coach on The Voice, the singer can high likely create a team of dynamic artists.

4. Taylor Swift

Arguably the ultimate pop icon of the decade, Taylor Swift as a The Voice coach will be no less than historic. In the past, she’s graced The Voice as a mega mentor, helping out all coaches. From having years of experience in the business, and a foot in the door at The Voice Swift surely has immense knowledge and wisdom to impart.

5. Rihanna

It’s an honest question why Rihanna hasn’t even been recruited as a coach on the singing competition show. Rihanna’s star status will absolutely be a welcomed element on The Voice. Additionally, her savage personality will be the one to look forward to during the Blinds.

6. Ed Sheeran

Earning over 300 nominations over his lifetime, Ed Sheeran is one of those artists that need no introduction. The “Thinking Out Loud” hitmaker has had a glimpse of the coaching job when he served as a mega mentor back in season 21. Perhaps though, it’s time to elevate his role in the series.

7. The Weeknd

The Weeknd is named the world’s most popular artist by the Guinness World Records for a reason. His countless awards prove a lot not only about his musical intellection but also about his passion for the craft. If this passion would be able to infect on The Voice, the possibility of having artists as amazing as him is bright.

8. Pink

Pink is, no doubt, one of the strongest female singers in the music industry. Her fearlessness to break stereotypes and challenge norms is only one of her many admirable traits as an artist. If she’ll be a coach on The Voice, her maternal instincts will probably be present, and we’ve got no complaints about that.

9. Charlie Puth

With his perfect pitch and creative mind, Charlie Puth is undeniably a musical genius. He’s displayed his ability to mentor artists back in The Voice season 22 when coach Camila Cabello asked for his help. It’s indeed time that we have a dorky but cool coach for the series.

10. Adele

Numerous The Voice fans believe that pop soul superstar Adele will make a great coach on the show. Her sophisticated taste in music and cheeky personality will definitely attract beginning artists.

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