We shouldn’t have to say this, but job interviews aren’t your personal dating app

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We shouldn’t have to say this, but job interviews aren’t your personal dating app

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It’s remarkably simple. If you’re in charge of hiring at your workplace, you’re not scheduling interviews or messing around with job prospects trying to find dates.

Yet somehow it still has to happen again in 2023.

These days, Krista Leiser is a law professor at Cleveland State, but before that she tried to get a job at ASS Law. That’s when… well, let’s let her describe the situation:

“I’m about to do a Fed Soc panel…” Swipe right, delete the app, drop the phone in a bath of acid.

The sequence of appropriate actions by the person responsible for hiring is:

  1. Do not invite candidates.

And that’s the whole list. Maybe — MAYBE — invite someone on a date after you give them the job and leave an appropriate distance from the interview to develop a working relationship that isn’t tainted by the hiring power dynamic. But still, it’s better to go back to item number one.

As it happens, Professor Joshua Wright – who is now back in the private sector – did not offer Laser a job, but used the interview as a springboard for this request. According to Laser’s posts, she contacted another professor at the school who indicated that there may never have been a job opening.

How does a school not have stricter oversight of the hiring process? A professor can go around giving interviews when there are no vacancies? That seems too Mickey Mouse for a top law school. Or, as the case may be, George Mason.

Yes, in the annals of inappropriate behavior this is not the worst. And maybe this person just had no idea of ​​the consequences of what he was doing. But that’s the point. It’s the kind of inappropriateness that builds up because people think it’s in “too much of a gray area.”

And it’s not really much of a gray area. I refer the audience to point number 1.

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