Watch Influencers, Celebrities Trapped at Rain-Ruined Burning Man 2023

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Watch Influencers, Celebrities Trapped at Rain-Ruined Burning Man 2023

A compilation of screenshots showing Chris Rock (left), Instagram model Yeli Kovalenko (middle), and Joel Kinnaman and Kelly Gale at Burning Man 2023 (right).
@diplo/TikTok @lizakovalenkoo/TikTok @kellygale/Instagram

  • More than 70,000 Burning Man attendees are stranded after heavy rains.
  • The art festival typically attracts influencers, celebrities, and billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Several celebrities like Chris Rock, Diplo, and Joel Kinnaman chronicled their journey through the muddy wasteland on social media.

Burning Man organizers told more than 70,000 attendees to shelter in place after heavy rain on Friday turned the festival’s desert landscape into a sludgy mess.

The nine-day festival held annually in Nevada is known for attracting billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, as well as all kinds of celebrities and influencers.

Among the thousands of stranded visitors at this year’s festival were celebrities like Chris Rock, as well as social media influencers with millions of followers, who are chronicling their journey to escape the sludge.

DJ Diplo walked “for hours” before hitching a ride with comedian Chris Rock in the back of a pickup truck, Diplo said in a video posted to Instagram.

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“A fan offered Chris Rock and I a ride out of burning man in the back of a pick up,” Diplo wrote in the video’s caption. “After walking 6 miles through the mud… all Chris could think about was a f&cking cold brew.”

The DJ said he walked “for hours” along the road hitchhiking because he didn’t want to let his fans down, who were planning to see him at a show in Washington, DC on Saturday night.

“Shoutout to this guy for making the smart purchase of a truck not knowing it was for this exact moment,” the DJ wrote.

Suicide Squad actor Joel Kinnaman and his fiancé model Kelly Gale were also looking for a way out of the sludgy festival on Saturday. Gale posted videos and photos of herself and Kinnamon trudging through the mud with plastic bags taped over their shoes captioned “Mud Man 2023” on her Instagram story Saturday.

Gale wrote in her story that she and her friends were “getting to safety” and that her trip to Burning Man is “interesting” every year.

“I did not think we would walk out on the burn this year,” Kinnamon says in the video while sloshing through mud. Gale posted a follow-up photo of herself and Kinnamon several hours later on Saturday that said the couple had “landed at home.”

A screenshot of Kelly Gale’s Instagram story from Burning Man 2023

Christine Lee, a circus performer and entertainer, posted a video to the burningmanfashion TikTok account — a fan-run account showing the eccentric outfits at the festival — on Sunday that said visitors are not allowed to leave the venue but that they have enough “tuna to last for a week.”

“I have no shoes because it’s really hard to walk with shoes,” Lee says in the video. “My shoes are like five inches and then the mud became five inches so I was kind of on stilts.”

“We may not be able to leave until Monday to Tuesday, so yeah, off the map, but totally safe,” Lee adds.

Yeli Kovalenko, a model with more than 1 million followers on Instagram, also posted a video to her TikTok account showing the disappointing muddy wasteland that her Burning Man experience became throughout the weekend.

The video shows a shot of Kovalenko strutting through the desert before the rain, before a hard cut to drab white tents surrounded by mud.

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