Wanda Nara’s reaction is sure to cause a stir

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Wanda Nara’s reaction is sure to cause a stir

It’s official and it has been announced on social media. On Monday the guest of MasterChef Argentina will be Mauro Icardi. It will see him reunite with his wife Wanda Nara, who hosts the show, and the first images provided by the network Telefe have already been released.

“Very soon we are going to have a very special visit. Mauro Icardi is going to introduce us to his cooking specialty,” Telefe published on the show’s social media pages.

“A visitor is coming to MasterChef that the whole country is going to talk about, you can’t imagine everything that’s going to happen. Get ready for a spectacular night.”

Wanda Nara also took the opportunity to advertise the show herself, sharing a video of what will be on Monday in MasterChef Argentina.

“This Monday a new guest …. and a very special one,” Wanda Nara posted, referring to her partner.

Prior to this, Icardi had also uploaded the first photo of the two of them together on the set of the show, with their romance recently rekindled.

But the visit to MasterChef wasn’t just about Mauro Icardi. Isabella Icardi, the youngest daughter of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi also arrived at MasterChef Argentina, as her mother later posted on her social media pages.

“At the MasterChef kitchen with my baby girl and Mauro Icardi.”

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