Viaan moves on, leaving his past behind, will Teji’s secret leave him devastated again?

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Viaan moves on, leaving his past behind, will Teji’s secret leave him devastated again?

Katha Ankahee Upcoming Spoiler Alert: In the latest song of Katha Anakhee we see that the character of Katha played by Aditi Sharma is getting a lot of love from the fans as she portrays all the emotions so well which makes them relatable. We can see how Kata helped Viaan (Adnan Khan) came out of his dark phase and Viaan decided to face his past and make peace with it. Later we can see Viaan getting Seema Dutta’s address and being taken to her house where we can see Viaan going and introducing himself to Seema Dutta but she doesn’t recognize him or possibly pretending. We all know that it looks like Dutta hasn’t forgotten about Viaan and how can she? Also Read – Katha Ankahee Upcoming Twist: Tejji And Farah Hiding A Dark Secret From Viaan? Will Seema tell Viaan the truth?

Upcoming twist of Katha Ankahee

In the next song of Katha Ankahee, we will see Viaan feeling sad and going back to his office to meet Katha and try to thank her for being the woman who helped him come out of his past. Later we see Farah and Teji talking about their past. Listening to their conversation, it might be possible that something is being hidden from Viaan and Ehsan. We will see in the next episodes what the story behind this is. Also Read – Katha Ankahee’s upcoming twist: Viaan is ready to accept his past; but will it keep him away from Kata?

Viaan moves on, leaving his past behind

In the upcoming Katha Ankahee song, we will see that Aarav is very stressed about his studies. Later we can see Aarav calling Viaan and telling him all the problems he is facing in school. Hearing this, Katha will be shocked that Aarav didn’t tell his mother but he told everything to Viaan. Kata will understand the connection between Robin and Batman. Now it will be very exciting if Kata decides she is ready to marry Viaan. Also Read – Katha Ankahee Upcoming Twist: Viaan moved away from his past and dreamed of starting a new life with Katha. Will Viaan’s past ruin his future again?

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