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Varun Kapoor: Nothing can prepare you for life or a Bhansali set | Bollywood

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Varun Kapoor: Nothing can prepare you for life or a Bhansali set | Bollywood

Nervous and anxious, these are the feelings that he was laden with when filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Gangubai Kathiawadi happened to actor Varun Kapoor. But gradually, as the process began, he “trusted” himself and enjoyed shooting for the film.

Kapoor, who played the role of Gangu’s (played by actor Alia Bhatt) lover in the film, admits, “Nothing can prepare you for life or a Bhansali set. You can only enjoy if you give yourself completely into the process. I learnt a lot by being a good listener.” Delighted that the movie worked well and his performance was loved by many, he exclaims, “I thought gaali padegi for the role, but thankfully, the viewers were convinced and felt I did justice to the role.”

Kapoor adds, “The way Bhansali sir presented my character (Ramnik Lal), it turned out well. I never thought he was a villain. People told me that I had a good screen presence. It was a revelation for me.”

While waiting for the release of the film was daunting, waiting during the pandemic was worse for Kapoor. “I lost my brother when his plane crashed on 4 November, 2020. It was a tough time for me. Professionally, everything got stalled. I wasn’t available to shoot as I was in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with my parents. But more importantly, I wasn’t in a proper frame of mind. I couldn’t pull myself out of the shock,” says the actor.

He reveals that Bhansali and his team waited for him. “It was kind of them. They could have gone ahead with another actor, but they didn’t. They told me to take my time,” he remarks.

Having done a number of popular TV shows, including Swaragini and Savitri Devi College & Hospital, Kapoor feels patience is a virtue for actors. He is glad that his Bollywood debut got a theatrical release and was well received, despite the ongoing pandemic.

Talking about transitioning to films, he shares, “I had done many TV shows and I came to a point where I thought, ‘What’s new for the audience and me?’ When people see you everyday, there is no curiosity left. Sure, there’s money and fame, but after a point, things come to a standstill. And you have to push yourself. Going forward, I want to be part of films and web.”

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