Uber & Pathao team up to improve ride sharing

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Uber & Pathao team up to improve ride sharing


Uber & Pathao today announced a joint campaign to raise the bar on safety standards for the ride-sharing industry in Bangladesh while improving the ride-sharing experience.

During the first phase of this collaboration, Uber and Pathao will come together to raise awareness of various existing ridesharing safety mechanisms and measures available on both platforms. These include trackable, insured rides with verified driver and vehicle records and strict mandatory document validation standards that the companies say make ridesharing a safer method of transportation.

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During this phase, Pathao and Uber will also introduce a common driver partner training module for the entire driver base on their platforms. The goal is to educate driver partners on how they can help ensure their own safety as well as the safety of drivers. The training module will include general motoring guidelines, road signs and how to use them, consequences of breaking traffic and road safety rules and various other regulatory topics.


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