“This is our love letter to our children”

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“This is our love letter to our children”


A strange world is the latest feature film from the reuniting Walt Disney Animation Studios Paradise and the last dragonWriting and directing duo Don Hall and Qui Nguyen. The new film is a sci-fi action-adventure film that follows a family as they embark on a journey through a mysterious land at the center of their world. Nguyen wrote the screenplay for A strange world and co-directed with Hall, and the two recently spoke with ComicBook.com about the new film and why it is a “love letter” to their families and the thesis “How to become good ancestors?”

“I’m just going to be honest. I won’t get around it, even though I have the title of co-director on this one instead of just being the writer of the Paradise, Paradise in many ways it felt much more personal to me than that,” Nguyen explained. “I got to be a little bit more of a north star on that one because it meant so much to me culturally, and here I feel like I’m much more a shepherd of Don’s vision , because it’s such a personal story for Don.”

Nguyen continued:A strange world, which makes me excited to work on it, I feel… and animation is so hard to do that, compared to live action, to do a very personal story because there are so many people involved. As for this one though, I think it’s one of those if there was a Miyazaki-esque film, a la a director’s film with a unique vision like Miyazaki does in Studio Ghibli, this to me… is the one I’m like : “Oh, I watch this movie and I see Don, not just him as a director, but as a human being.”

He added: “But it’s something I think we’re all very excited about. We know it’s about Don and his father, about his love letter to his children, about what he thinks is important in the world and what he wants me to give to the world as a legacy, and that made this exciting … so despite co-directing it, I’m learning all about the directing part of it all, but I feel like he’s much more of a hype guy.”

During a press Q&A they attended ComicBook.com, Nguyen talked more about the film’s family message. “You know the kind of thing that’s going to have kids munching on their popcorn and on the edge of their seats, but you also know it’s going to have a lot of heart. It’s about family and where your humor will come from, the fun of it all will bring you back to the movie again and again to watch it with your kids or with your dad in this case because it’s our love letter to our kids and as fathers, and as sons.”

A strange worldThe voice cast features Jake Gyllenhaal as Seeker Clyde, described as a family man who finds himself out of his element on an unpredictable mission; Dennis Quaid as Seeker’s larger-than-life explorer father, Jagger; Jaboukie Young-White as Searcher’s 16-year-old son, Ethan, who longs for adventure; Gabrielle Union as Meridian Clyde, an accomplished pilot and Seeker’s partner in all things; and Lucy Liu as Callisto Mal, the fearless leader of Avalonia who spearheads the exploration of the strange world.

A strange world hits theaters November 23. Stay tuned for more from our interviews with the creators behind us A strange world.


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