This Barbie is out of your league

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This Barbie is out of your league

The personal ‘war’ between Shakira and Gerard Pique never seems to end. This time it has been the Colombian singer who has used her social networks to join the trend of Barbie, the movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, and share a series of photographs of her as the famous doll in which she does not hesitate to throw new hints to her ex.

When the first official trailer of the Barbie movie was released, a trend emerged in social networks consisting in the fact that each person can make their own poster and become the protagonist of the film. Numerous users joined this trend and also some famous personalities of music or acting.

Although Shakira has arrived a little late to the trend, she did not want to miss the opportunity to throw hints to Pique. The Colombian became a real Barbie and took the opportunity to ‘remember’ her ex-partner, who is on a romantic vacation in Abu Dhabi as part of a gift for his girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti, for her 24th birthday.

The singer has posted three stories as Barbie. In the first one, where she appears in the video clip of the song TQG (Te Quede Grande) that she made with the Colombian artist Karol G, she wrote “This Barbie is proud to be Latin American”, along with the direct link to the song.

This is clearly aimed at Pique. “My ex-partner is Latin American. I mean, you do not know what I have come to receive through social networks from people who are fans of her… They have no life, they are there, you have to not give importance to them,” said Pique after the split.

In her second story, Shakira shared the caption “This Barbie is out of your league,” in what seems a clear reference to the Kings League, the soccer competition created by her ex. Next to it appears the link that directs her followers directly to the hit Music Session #53 that she created with the Argentine Bizarrap and that was a hit for its hints to his ex and his girlfriend, Clara Chia.

Finally, Shakira posted “This Barbie is Shakira! Shakira!” next to the link of the song Hips don’t like released in 2005 and that marked her career forever. It is one of the most popular songs in her repertoire and is part of the phrase with which the public immediately identifies the Colombian.

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