The Rise of Western-Inspired Fashion Trend in Spring 2023

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The Rise of Western-Inspired Fashion Trend in Spring 2023

The designer’s spring 2023 show, set at Los Angeles’ Huntington Library, perfectly showcased the emergence of the western-inspired fashion trend. Ralph Lauren skillfully transformed denim, leather, and suede into polished ensembles, making it the show of the season.

This season’s country look is moving away from ruggedness and embracing refinement. It focuses on pairing streamlined midi-skirts with delicately embroidered cotton shirts, rather than solely relying on the iconic 10-gallon hat.

The influence of the trend can be attributed to the popularity of the television series Yellowstone, often referred to as “Succession with horses.” Additionally, the music industry, with Harry Styles and Beyonce’s western-accented Renaissance tour wardrobe, has played a significant role in promoting this style.

Even the highly anticipated film of the year, Barbie, features the trend. When Barbie and Ken venture into the real world, they adopt matching cowboy looks. The message is clear – country style is as all-American as it gets.

Lauren Nicholls, owner of Melbourne boutique Filly’s Stable, expresses her affinity for the cowboy boot trend. She believes it suits everyone, regardless of their preference for prints, florals, or specific shapes. Nicholls also argues that wearing cowboy boots exudes a lowercase-S type of sexiness that asserts confidence and purpose.

To avoid looking like you’re dressed for a costume party, Nicholls advises incorporating cowboy boots into your wardrobe and experimenting with double denim. She cautions against bolo ties unless you’re in a country band and suggests approaching fringing with caution, recommending Bottega Veneta as a safe bet.

Regarding hats, Nicholls remains undecided, except for those from Vivienne Westwood, which she seems to favor.

The rise of western-inspired fashion is certainly making waves in the industry, with its refined take on the country look. Look out for the spring issue of Fin Magazine, featuring this trend, available on August 18th.

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