The Most Expensive Celebrity Child Support Agreements – SheKnows

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The Most Expensive Celebrity Child Support Agreements – SheKnows

Celebrity divorces are almost always messy, but no high-profile divorce is more tumultuous than one involving a child support agreement.

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Most recently in the limelight has been Kevin Costner, who was mandated in July 2023 to pay his soon-to-be ex-wife a monthly six-figure sum until their divorce proceedings in November 2023. The staggering amount could be reduced come the trial, or it could be made permanent — or even increased — depending on what the judge believes is fit for their circumstance.

While the Yellowstone actor joins the likes of Alex Rodriguez and Kanye West in shelling out well over $100,000 in child support payments each month, there are several celebrity parents who pay the average American’s annual income in monthly installments per their child support agreements. It’s hard to believe these kids born into fame could need tens of thousands of dollars to survive each month, but alas, apparently they do.

From Kelly Clarkson and Brendan Fraser to Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen, scroll on to learn about the most lucrative celebrity child support agreements known to the public.

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