The Diverse Gaming Interests of Korean Celebrities

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The Diverse Gaming Interests of Korean Celebrities

When we think of Korean celebrities, we often envision them on the silver screen or dominating the music charts. However, beyond their professional endeavors, many Korean stars also indulge in gaming as a favorite hobby.

From popular online multiplayer games to console classics, these celebrities find solace, relaxation, and entertainment in the virtual realm. A few Korean celebrities have already shared about their favorite games they play during their free time.

So here are a few of the gaming interests that Korean celebrities have.

‘s KarinaGardenscapes

aespa’s Karina recently revealed her hobby on Lee Young Ji‘s YouTube show ‘No Prepare.’ She shared, “It’s all a myth that celebrities don’t have any free time,” and explained that she plays a mobile game whenever she has free time. She even revealed that she beat all the levels of the game Gardenscapes and shared she is ranked number 1 in South Korea.

Yoo Jae Suk – Playstation

Yoo Jae Suk confessed his love for games in an episode of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘ in February. He shared an interesting piece of advice to a newlywed who was contemplating whether to sell their PlayStation or not. Yoo Jae Suk confessed, “When I buy a PlayStation game, I tell my wife Na Kyeong that I’m buying the game to play with our son Ji Ho,” and laughed.

Eun Ji Won also shared in the past, “Jae Suk hyung is a game mania. He’s a PlayStation fanatic. We would go to the PS store and he would already have the newest version of the PlayStation.”

Actor Lee Joon HyukNintendo ‘Legend of Zelda’

Lee Joon Hyuk confessed that he plays games during the brief free time he has, even when filming movies. In an interview on June 1, the actor shared, “The ring I wore (during the press conference), I’m not sure what brand it is. My stylist gave it to me to wear. So I don’t even know the brand. When it comes to going on dates, I am actually just playing ‘The Legend of Zelda’ right now.”

LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura – League of Legends

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura has already been well-known as a League of Legends player. She appeared on a YouTube show and revealed, “When I used to play a lot, I would almost play for almost 12 hours from 9 PM to 8 AM. I was sincere about LoL.” She also surprised viewers when she confessed that, at one point, she was able to achieve the silver tier in solo queue.

Kwon Na Ra – Mobile game Pokemon Go

Kwon Na Ra had previously revealed to fans that she had become a fan of Pokemon Go. She even posted photos of herself playing the game on social media and revealed she even bought special equipment for the game.

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