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The Best Miley Cyrus Songs – Rolling Stone

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The Best Miley Cyrus Songs – Rolling Stone

She Can’t Stop She Won’t Stop – from Hannah Montana to Bangertz to “Flowers”

Miley Cyrus has lived a hundred musical lives since bursting onto the scene at the age of 13 as the headline star of Hannah Montana. Born into a country music dynasty (her father is, of course, Billy Ray Cyrus, and her godmother is Dolly Parton), the budding teen idol melds her Southern upbringing with the Disney pop necessary to make the fictional Montana a success. But it takes a true star to shine brighter than her alter ego, and Cyrus handled the challenge with ease, quickly becoming a pop force in her own right.

Since 2007 Meet Miley Cyrus, she has been in a constant state of musical evolution. Her journey has taken her to eighties pop, metal pastiche, trap music, psychedelic art rock and even back to country. But in all her eras, she can’t (and won’t) stop being just Miley.

Before his eighth album, Endless summer vacation (on March 10), we compiled the top 50 Miley Cyrus songs. This includes material she recorded as fictional characters as well as officially released covers that she couldn’t help but do herself.

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