The best-dressed people and fashion trends at Parklife 2023

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The best-dressed people and fashion trends at Parklife 2023

For a lot of Mancs, Parklife is the biggest weekend – and the liveliest party – of the entire year, and it’s one that requires you to pull out all the fashion stops.

It’s a chance to get dressed up to the nines, unwind in the sunshine (or rain), see some incredible live music and dance until your feet ache.

Many people heading to the festival spend hours and even days getting ready, and as the years have gone on, the fashions on site have become more and more bold and colourful.

The trends have moved on a long way from the days of denim shorts and band tees.

Now you’re more likely to catch people walking around in neon bikinis, colourful flares, and sparkling mini dresses.

Though we can’t imagine we’ll ever lose the sea of bucket hats from this very Manc event…

Here are some of our favourite looks and fashion trends we’ve seen at Parklife 2023.

Bright colours

Look, if you can’t wear your neon patterned unitard at Parklife, where can you!?

It always seems like the perfect weekend to embrace all things neon, from the hot pink one-pieces to neon socks to even bright orange combat boots.

We’re particularly loving all the thrifted finds this year.

Novelty hats

How to make sure you can find your mates in a crowd 101 – make them all wear the same novelty hat.

We’ve spotted a lot of great headwear walking around Heaton Park this weekend, but this little army of matching sombreros is pretty special.

And how could we forget those golden arches cowboy hats…?

Bikini tops

It’s a festival trend as old as time – colourful bikini tops chucked on with the rest of your festival ‘fit.

We’ve loved seeing so much colour and creative combos walking around Heaton Park all weekend.

And I bet these came in handy when everyone got soaked through this afternoon…

Ponchos and other improvised waterproofs

Nothing takes the shine off your festival outfit quite like a torrential downpour, and we got hit HARD by rain on Sunday afternoon.

The storm that saw the festival momentarily halted due to lightning risks gave Parklife-goers a thorough soaking, with some hastily adjusted outfits appearing to try and stay dry.

From bin bags ripped in to ponchos, to broken umbrellas held overhead like a blanket, to a cardboard box on a head, Mancs thought of everything.

This guy…

Did we ask this man to strip off? No. Could we stop him? Also no.

But what better way to embody the free spirit of a festival than by stripping down to your kecks?!

We loved his original 90s-printed cycle shorts almost as much as we loved his shiny purple briefs, to be honest.

Clashing prints and bold accessories

We’ve found them – the two coolest people at Parklife 2023.

While you spend a lot of the day playing spot-the-difference with the waves of outfits purchased from Shein or PLT, this pair really stood out from the crowd with their colourful choice of accessories.

10/10, no amends.


The pink fluffy cowboy hat is now a festival and summer gig staple – you see droves of them heading into gigs like Harry Styles and Beyonce every summer.

We’re really enjoying how much the Parklife crew have embraced the matching pink outfits though, with this lot all marching around in top-to-toe pink ‘fits.

Stunning huns.

Cargo pants

This has been the year where teeny tiny shorts have started to be phased out in favour of proper utility wear.

Sturdy, comfortable, and seriously stylish when paired with crop tops and bold colours, there’s been masses of cargo shorts walking around Parklife this year.

Matchy-matchy with your bestie

For a lot of Parklife-goers, getting ready is part of the fun with it. You crack open a drink, slap on your makeup, make TikToks and compare outfits.

So we’ve loved seeing all the coordinated outfits friends have been rocking this year.

Absolute girl power vibes.

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