Talat Aziz’s balancing act in `Gulmohar`

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Talat Aziz’s balancing act in `Gulmohar`


Musician on juggling duties as singer and actor in Sharmila Tagore-starrer, Gulmohar

Talat Aziz

The March 3 release, Gulmohar, sees Talat Aziz take on dual duties as singer and actor for the Disney+ Hotstar movie. Aziz says, “I have been part of roles that are serious, dramatic and also comic. So, I am comfortable. I am not there because I am a singer or something, with good actors, I can come out and do some decent work. I can balance both worlds. I [conduct] my classes, and travel too. Sometimes, I must juggle some dates, but it*s not a big deal.”

A still from Gulmohar

Aziz plays a family friend of the protagonists, and says his character is the “Sutradhar” of sorts. “The film opens with my song, Dilkash. Sharmila [Tagore, cast-member] appreciated my song, and liked my role. She called me after watching the film and said that I am a natural on screen, and I should do more work in front of the camera. She is a seasoned actor, and this is also her comeback film, so her words are special to me. She is a graceful, and classy woman. We shot it in Delhi. It was a breeze working with this cast.”

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